Steph Cartwright, CPRW

My name is Steph, and nothing excites me more than hearing a client has received a new and better job.

I'm a Certified Professional Resume Writer, a LinkedIn Profile Specialist, and the founder of Off The Clock Resumes. Since 2014, I have personally helped hundreds of clients accelerate their job searches by presenting the unique value each client has to offer. 

For years, I had very little direction for my own career. My problem was never in landing a job but in landing the job that leveraged my strengths and gave me purpose. The modern job search is frustrating, time-consuming, and often discouraging. I’ve been there. I’ve transitioned through the hiring process only to work for horrible bosses and for companies that just don’t care about their employees, then started the job search all over again with minimal guidance. And guidance would have been welcomed!

I discovered that I could turn my lifelong passion for writing into an advantageous service, launched Off The Clock Resumes in November 2014, and became a Certified Professional Resume Writer in May 2015. By offering targeted resume writing and social media optimization services, my goal is to lead the next generation of resume writing and empower job seekers to conquer the modern job search.




Kimberly Sarmiento, CPRW - Executive Resume Specialist

As an Executive Resume Specialist, Kimberly Sarmiento successfully translates 15+ years of achievements into documents that will make a hiring manager pick up the phone. Leveraging a background in journalism, she specializes in helping job seekers tell their story with impactful and engaging executive resumes.

A Florida native, Kimberly earned her Bachelor’s in Journalism and Master’s in Political Science from the University of Florida.In 2010, Kimberly earned her Certified Professional Resume Writer credential and has helped thousands of clients since by articulating their strengths, achievements, and unique value proposition in resumes and other career documents. She has also written several books including two publications on career management.

“Executives know an impressive resume when they see one. They just often don’t know how to make one for themselves. That’s where I come in. ‘Reading the resume you wrote makes me want to hire myself!’ is my favorite feedback from any executive.”




Our Resume Writers are certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers.
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Client Review - Justin G
“Working with Steph and Off The Clock Resumes was one of the best professional decisions I have made... Steph was extremely professional and responded immediately.”

- Justin G., Director of Marketing


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