10 Easy Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Your Coworker

10 Easy Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Your Coworker - Off The Clock Resumes

Earlier this month was Employee Appreciation Day. We don't typically get all excited about this because EVERY day should be Employee Appreciation Day. When it comes to how to show your coworkers you appreciate them, there are several small but sweet gestures you can make.


1. Thank You Note

Going out of your way to buy a card and hand-write your sentiments can easily show how much you care! This goes beyond a quick email or text message. Personalize the message so they know exactly why you are acknowledging them.


2. Offer To Work A Holiday For Them

If there is a certain holiday that is more important to your coworker and his or her family, offering to work their shift. This will require you to know your coworker on a more personal level, but the gesture makes a impact.


3. Personalize A Gift

Everyone loves personalized gifts! Whether it's a coffee mug, picture frame, or a monogrammed USB, a personalized gift shows you know your coworker's needs and want to help them as much as they have helped you.


4. Show Up With Breakfast (Or Lunch)

...Or dessert! Who doesn't like the gift of food! Bringing breakfast, offering to buy lunch, or sharing a dessert is a great way to show how much you appreciate your coworker.


5. Be A Friend

There's a fine line between sharing too much personal information and becoming a friend. A friend listens when someone needs someone to confide in. A friend supports the other. Be a friend to truly show your appreciation for a coworker.


6. Office Goodies

Gifting your coworker with office supplies like Post-It notes, pens, calendars, and the like is a great way to show your appreciation. Get creative and fun with it, and get supplies that reflect your coworker's personality. Into Office Space? Get a bright red stapler!


7. Coffee Gift Card

A $5 gift card to your coworker's favorite coffee place is a great, inexpensive expression of appreciation. Sure, it's only one cup, but your coworker will love you for it (especially on a bad day!).


8. Holiday Cookies

Holiday treats are fun for the whole office, but this will be a great gesture for a special person in the office! If you happen to know your cubicle neighbor loves St. Patrick's Day, get some shamrock cookies to show how much you appreciate him or her!


9. Give Public Praise

If you really don't have a few bucks to spare, simply giving some public praise at the next staff meeting will do the trick. Give specific examples of why you appreciate this coworker and express your appreciation to everyone.


10. Let the Boss Know

When in doubt, just send your boss a quick note. Your boss may be able to reward your coworker more than you could. Make sure to give examples of how your coworker has helped you to really show your appreciation.



10 Easy Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Your Coworker - Off The Clock Resumes