10 Experts Reveal How To Land A Job In 2019

Is a new job search on the horizon?

The modern job search is frustrating, time-consuming, and often discouraging. You’re already spread thin between a full work day, family, friends, and, on occasion, a few minutes to read or workout. The thought of spending even a few minutes (and it’s never just a few minutes…) looking for jobs, editing your resume and cover letter, and filling out online job applications is overwhelming. I get it.

I know what you’re striving for.

A higher income.

Better benefits.

More work-life balance.

Job fulfillment.


You may already be knee-deep in online job applications and articles with the best tips, tricks, and hacks for how to get a new job in 2019. These 10 job search experts want to make it a little easier on you by revealing how to land a job this year.

10 Experts Reveal How To Land A Job In 2019 | Off The Clock Resumes

“The modern job search is a balancing act. Yes, your resume and LinkedIn profile must be keyword-optimized if you’re relying on online applications alone; but you’re resume and LinkedIn profile must also resonate with a human reader whether that’s someone in the HR department or the department head. With so much pressure to write a resume or a LinkedIn profile with the right keywords, job seekers are forgetting an important element when they start a job search. You are more than the keywords that employer software may be looking for!

Your personality or your personal brand must shine through in your job search if you’re going to land a job in 2019. Consider how you see yourself, how others would describe you, and what’s driving your career goals. These details along with your qualifications, top skills, and achievements or major contributions will make your resume and LinkedIn profile stand out from the others.”

Steph Cartwright, CPRW

Steph Cartwright, CPRW

Certified Resume Writer developing resumes + LinkedIn profiles that present you as the best fit for your ideal job


“There some mixed signals out there about the economy for 2019, and many employers are beginning to question whether this is the time to add in staff or to hold off on their hiring plans. It's essential that you convince employers that you're a good investment. Prepare an accomplishments-driven resume loaded with measurable examples of the demonstrated value you've been able to add through your work, so that potential hiring managers believe that by adding you to their staff they'll increase their bottom line, not detract from it.”

Scott Singer, CPRW, CPCC

Scott Singer, CPRW, CPCC

Certified Resume Writer & Career Coach ✔ Professional Branding ✔ Forbes Coaches Council Member ✔ Elevate Your Career!


2019 will be a great year to land a job, if your mind is in the right place. The biggest obstacle to overcome is ‘mind-reading.’ This applies across the board, from Boomers to Millennials. Boomers will hear a hiring manager say, ‘You’ve been there a long time,’ during the interview. The mind reader may think, ‘She must think I’m old.’ But the reality could easily be they are thinking, ‘This person has a lot of valuable experience we can use.’

Millennials may try networking. When their first attempt doesn’t lead to a job offer, they decide networking will never work. This all or nothing attitude assumes their one experience is how every experience will end up, another form of mind reading.

Approach every part of the job process with an open mind and do not assume you know what the hiring manager is thinking. You cannot control that. What you can control is your attitude and your response. Staying positive and open-minded can easily put you in your new hire orientation sooner.”

Joel Quass, CPRW, CEIP, GCDF

Joel Quass, CPRW, CEIP, GCDF

Career Coach | Interview Coach | Certified Professional Resume Writer | Author | Keynote Speaker


“In a world where we're all scared that a robot is coming to shove us out of our desk chairs and take over our jobs immediately, without even helping us up off the floor, one thing is for sure: the best way to land a job is to look for one that can only be done by real, live people. In 2019, what will prevent you from landing a job is not being you. Boiling yourself down to a set of skills on a single sheet of paper that a computer discards in 6 seconds flat will not get you the job. I promise. Haven't you already had 821 sent-out resumes' worth of experience that tells you that?

Instead, what you need to do is be yourself. Show your prospective company that you're a person, not a machine, and that you have ideas that even the most powerful computer couldn't generate. You have feelings that will help you manage other people with empathy and wisdom. Work for a company that you care about, so you can bring your soul to it, instead of having to check it at the door, and network - actually talk to other people - to find a company that values all that you have to offer.”

Jessica Sweet, LICSW

Jessica Sweet, LICSW

Career Coach | I help midlife professionals and executives find the right next move in their careers.


“Applying for Federal jobs is challenging, but, except for the occasional budget kerfuffle, are stable, offer decent pay and excellent benefits. Federal job seekers have to provide a resume and complete an online occupational questionnaire which evaluates candidates’ knowledge, skills and abilities. Candidates are ranked based on their responses to the questionnaire. These responses must be supported by the resume. 

Here’s some tips to increase the likelihood of making the cut:

  • Identify the key words in the vacancy announcement and include them in your resume.

  • Include significant accomplishments that are relevant to the job as described in the vacancy announcement.

  • Document your responses to the questionnaire.  Show that you have peformed the duties at the highest possible level.

  • Don’t worry about the length of the resume.  Federal resumes are typically 5-10 pages long and require candidates to list key duties and significant accomplishments for each job.”

David Barnes

David Barnes

Certified Federal Career Coach, Certified Federal Job Search Trainer, and member of the National Resume Writers Association


“Not having a comprehensive job search strategy will keep job seekers from landing a new role in 2019. This translates to job seekers only relying on one form of job search and not deploying a targeted, multi-layered effort. For example, a job seeker who only looks at online job boards then submits applications and nothing else will struggle. On the other hand, if someone decides they are only going to use LinkedIn and do nothing else they’ll be missing the mark too.

The solution? Get a targeted strategy in place that is comprehensive. Before you even start your search get your resume and LinkedIn a content and format facelift to make sure it represents your professional brand. Once you are ready to roll, leverage every tool in your tool box in combination with each other. Reach out to your personal or digital network using LinkedIn or old fashioned face to face contact. Apply online for positions and aggressively follow up by phone, email, or again LinkedIn. Schedule informational meetings with established professionals. In short - do not rely on one method and expect it to work.”

Brittney Beck

Brittney Beck

NCRW, CCELW | Professional Marketing & Branding Strategist ♦ Resume Writer ♦ LinkedIn Storyteller ♦ Career Coach


“When the competition is stiff, job seekers become frustrated and overwhelmed with spending countless hours responding to online postings only to land in the ATS black hole. The fear of never getting a response from a networking request or repeatedly receiving rejection letters causes many job seekers to become negative. Their pessimism reaches an all-time high and leaks into their everyday interactions. They appear defensive and unaccepting of any suggestions for improvement because even the most effective job search strategies seem to work for everyone else but them.

No employer wants to hire a ‘Negative Nancy/Ned.’ Keeping a positive mindset and understanding that there is more than one strategy for accomplishing career goals will make a world of difference. Job seekers who find a tribe of professionals willing to offer guidance, reassurance and objective feedback stand a much better chance of counteracting the feelings of defeat and self-doubt while avoiding job search pitfalls.

Maintaining inventory of which job search methods work and those that need to be revamped will aid in implementing a strategy to fit current career needs. Job seekers should reward themselves for any small wins, including securing an interview, hearing back from an inquiry or being referred by a colleague. The effort put into the job search will pay off when that right-fit role comes along. Click the link below to get help developing your personalized job search strategy.”

Ashley Watkins, NCRW

Ashley Watkins, NCRW

Certified Resume Writer ★ Job Search & Interview Coach ★ Former Recruiter ★ Land more interviews and job offers faster!


“Keeping your network online will prevent you from landing your dream job in 2019. Many job seekers are grabbing hold of the value of LinkedIn (and rightly so!) but neglect creating meaningful professional connections. LinkedIn connects you, but you need to do the work of creating value within your network.

Take the initiative to take professional relationships offline before the start of your job search. Request 20-30-minute phone conversations or in-person coffee meetups to connect with others that have your dream job or work for a company on your wish list. People remember a real connection. So show up with intention. Be a genuine learner of people’s professional stories and career paths. You can pave the way to your dream job by opening the door to real connection.”

Meg Applegate, CPRW

Meg Applegate, CPRW

Certified Resume Writer and owner of Hinge Resume Collaborative, a resume writing service that opens doors.


“Understanding the power of networking and a targeted search is critical to a successful job search in 2019. I encourage job seekers to do two things; stop solely relying on job boards and reach out to everyone they know. Job boards are one the hardest places to land an interview, yet alone a job. They are heavily advertised and promoted to job seekers around the world. This means that thousands of other job seekers are applying to the same position too, which ultimately decreases their chances of even being seen by the hiring manager. I encourage job seekers to think outside the box and target companies that promote missions and initiatives that are valuable to them! By targeting companies that they want to work for, they can easily demonstrate how and why they would be a good fit for their culture and how their expertise and skills could benefit them.

Last, but not least reach out to previous colleagues, friends, relatives and alumni members to let them know that they’re in the market for new opportunities. Job seekers never know who has a connection that can lead them to their next job. Job seekers are always shocked to see how many people are willing to help them once friends and colleagues know they are in the market!”

Chelsea Jay, CPRW, CPCC, MBA

Chelsea Wiltse, CPRW, CPCC, MBA

Yes, you can find work you love! ◉ Resume Writer ◉ Career Coach ◉ Interview Coach ◉ Online Branding Pro ◉ Grant Writer


“There was a time, way before I entered the workforce, where you could land a job with a standard resume that simply listed your job duties. In today’s modern job market, where competition is fiercer than ever, this approach isn’t enough. Social media, especially LinkedIn, is driving the modern job market. Not only do you need a branded, targeted resume and cover letter that connects the dots between the value of your skills and qualifications to the job requirements, you also need to be found by the people that need to know you and what you have to offer.

A strong LinkedIn profile goes beyond your resume to balance your thought leadership and expertise in your industry, combined with the general and adaptive traits that demonstrate your relatability as a person. Not only will LinkedIn prove to be a valuable place for you to get found by recruiters (and others that need to know you and what you have to offer), you can use it to build relationships with a much larger audience—which provides you with more chances of meeting someone who could prove to be a valuable resource in landing you your dream job in 2019.”

Kate Williamson, MS, CPRW

Kate E. Williamson, MS, CPRW

Executive Resume Writer | Certified Resume Specialist in Science, Engineering & IT | Personal Branding | Interview Coach