10 Ways To Make My Resume Stand Out: Video

We get it... and you should know, you're not alone. You're not the only pencil-pusher deep in though and scheming how you'll get the office with a view. Maybe you're one of the brave ones hitting the streets only to find that there are others just like you on the hunt. You need to stand out to get ahead whether it be a promotion or your dream job. We've got the solution with these 10 ways to make a "stand-out" resume.


1. Be Memorable

When a resume is the first thing a person will see of you, it's important that your name stands out. There's no shame in making your name just a little bigger, but keep it appropriate and not obnoxious.


2. Add Color To Your Headings

Don't get lost in a stack of black-and-white resumes. Stand out by adding a bit of color to your name, your resume title, and the section headings. Choose conservative colors (like a deep purple over hot pink for example) and keep them consistent.


3. Use Exciting Language

Responsibilities and tasks are boring. If you're an assistant and you assisted with paperwork or a salesman and you sold cars, you're not surprising anyone. Replace words like "helped" with "accelerated" or "cut costs" with "obliterated excessive costs."


4. Make It Personal

Employers can tell if you've sent the same resume to 10 places. Show you're actually interested in this job rather than every job by using keywords you'll find in the job description or addressing the specific industry. A personal touch goes far.


5. Solve Their Problems

An employer has a problem. They need a position filled, but they have 50 people that want to fill it. Solve this problem by solving their problems. Write about results and your contributions to the success of your previous employers. 


6. Make It A Double

Once you get an interview, take a little extra time to make a visually captivating resume double with graphics. Infographic resumes won't get through software, but once you're in the door they'll show an employer you want to be remembered.


7. Add A Cover Letter

Cover letters introduce you, highlight why you would be the perfect new hire, and speak directly to the hiring manager. Others skip this step because they're lazy. Stand out by going the extra mile with a well-written, conversational cover letter.


8. Point Them To Your Profiles

Get online and be visible as a professional. Share industry news and talk to recruiters on Twitter. Polish your LinkedIn profile and keep it updated with volunteering experience and projects. Then list your profile links on your resume so employers can find you.


9. Hire A Professional Resume Writer

Having another set of eyes to check for grammar and passive language may make the difference between getting your dream job or getting the next job. Resume writers either have recruiting experience or they've been trained by recruiters who know what employers want. Take advantage of these professionals!


10. At Least Get Another Opinion

If you aren't convinced you need professional resume services, get a free critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer. A comprehensive review of your resume and some strategic pointers are the first steps to polishing your resume.


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