3 Ways To Target Your LinkedIn Profile | LinkedIn Lifeline, Episode 1 [VIDEO]

You can attract more of the right profile views when you target your LinkedIn profile.

When you target your job search, meaning you’ve narrowed down your ideal role, work environment, and shared company values, you know how to present yourself as the best fit for the job that you want.

When you’re clear on what your job target is, you will be able to add keywords strategically to the three key places on your LinkedIn profile that you can target to attract more of the right profile views.

Targeting Your Headline

Your Headline is one of the most visible details about you on LinkedIn, second only to your name. Targeting your Headline will help you attract more of the right profile views because you’ll be more visible in search results.

Create a condensed Branding Statement, no more than 120 characters long, that identifies your job target and the unique you offer to employers using the keywords that will be used to search for candidates just like you.

Not sure how to get started? This Branding Statement Cheat Sheet should help!

Targeting Your Summary or About Section

Your Summary or About section can improve your visibility in search results when targeted and optimized with strategic keywords, but it can also encourage LinkedIn users to keep reading your profile.

Expand on your Branding Statement and tell your career story. Your career story could be more than a summary of your skills and experience. Describe what is driving you to pursue your job target, what problems you fix, and what differentiates you from other candidates with similar skills and years of experience.

Targeting Your Experience Section

Your Experience section is another key place on your LinkedIn profile that can (and should!) be targeted to attract more of the right profile views. This section should be naturally filled with keywords that will be used to search for candidates like you.

Focus on the tasks and major contributions that you’ve made to organizational goals in the past that relate the most to the goals of the job that you want now.

What Next

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Are the profile views your LinkedIn profile attracts from recruiters, hiring managers, and others in your industry who can benefit you?