5 LinkedIn Secrets That College Graduates Need To Know: Part 5

5 LinkedIn Secrets That College Graduates Need To Know: Part 5 - Off The Clock Resumes

Even with the hours spent polishing your resume, you may not be ready to attack the job market. Did you know that 94% of recruiters and hiring managers are active on LinkedIn, but only 36% of job seekers are? (Jobvite Survey)


For some reason, LinkedIn seems to attract the 30 and older crowd but this needs to change. LinkedIn is a great way to learn more about a company by hearing what its employees have to say, to find and apply to job openings from your ideal company (without having to fill out hundreds of fields of data), and to spread the word about your skills and abilities with minimum time spent.


This brief series outlines the best LinkedIn profile tips for recent graduates. We've already shared why LinkedIn is so important for graduates to join in Part 1, how to create a killer Professional Headline in Part 2, how to write a job-winning Career Summary in Part 3, and how to boost your profile with Endorsements and Recommendations in Part 4. We're going to wrap up our series by introducing you to three awesome ways to make your profile stand out!



Adding Multimedia To Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to link attachments to your Career Summary, each of your Experiences, and your Education section. You can add a Document, Photo, Link, Video, or Presentation by uploading your own file or linking to one of LinkedIn's supported providers (YouTube, Slideshare, etc.).


Adding Documents

There are several types of documents that you could add to your LinkedIn profile. It's a little redundant to add your resume to your LinkedIn profile considering your profile should reflect similar information; however this a great place to complement your resume with additional documents.


You could upload...

  • A Letter of Recommendation
  • A publication you worked on (a thesis, article, etc.)
  • A scan of a recent certification or award


Just make sure that anything you upload doesn't give away private information such as your reference's street address or contact information.


Adding Photos

You don't have to be a photographer or graphic designer to utilize photos on your profile. Photos uploaded strategically can really boost your profile. Start by adding a cover photo to your profile to add some visual branding. 


Some examples of photos you could upload to your Experience section include...

  • A Graphic Resume or Infographic that shows off your knowledge and skills
  • Professional, behind-the-scenes photos of you receiving an award or recognition
  • Examples of your work (if possible)


Don't let your profile photo be the only visual branding you have on your profile!


Adding Links

Links are a great addition to your LinkedIn profile if you have multimedia to add that isn't hosted by one of LinkedIn's supported services. When you add a link, the thumbnail or banner image for the page will default for the link photo. You will be able to customize the link title and description.


So what would be a great link to attach to your profile?

  • A link to your portfolio
  • A link to a landing page on your personal website (Contact Me page, free download, etc.)
  • A link to an article you published on a major website


Use links to direct a LinkedIn user, recruiter, or employer to show off your skills and accomplishments.


Adding Videos

Video is dominating social media in 2016 with no signs of slowing down. The best way to implement video on your LinkedIn profile is to create a video cover letter and link it to your Career Summary. A video cover letter will give you a chance to use your personality to tell your story. 


You can also link videos to a particular Experience. If your role or field can accommodate a useful how-to video, then use a video to show you applying your skills and expertise.


Adding Presentations

Presentations are awesome additions to your LinkedIn profile! When asked how to create a portfolio, I always direct my clients to Slideshare. Slideshare is a LinkedIn-owned slide sharing service. You can create slideshows (like PowerPoint) and link them to your profile using this service.


So how do you create a portfolio? 


If you are in a creative industry or a field that allows you to achieve measurable accomplishments (such as sales and marketing), you can create visuals to support your accomplishments and add them to an engaging slideshow presentation. For example, a social media marketing professional can take snapshots of Google Analytics and other social media insights and add them to the presentation. For another example, a sales professional can create a graph to show his or her increasing sales quotas. 


Treat your presentation like a snapshot of your resume. A good framework for developing your presentation could look like this:

  1. Your Contact Information - Don't forget to add a headshot!
  2. Your Branding Statement - Rework this to sound more conversational than your resume.
  3. Your Skills - Use a chart, graph, or icons to make this slide more engaging.
  4. Highlights of Experience - This is where you will want to add your visuals and any links to examples you may have for employers to consider.
  5. A Call-to-action - This could be your contact information again, a link to your LinkedIn profile saying "Connect with Me!" etc.


Start adding multimedia to your profile, and see how much more interesting and engaging your profile looks! The job market is competitive. Having a LinkedIn profile publically accessible will increase your chances of being noticed, but having a profile filled with multimedia will give you the edge you need to stand out.


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