7 Lists That Will Motivate You

Negativity is an ugly disease that you can spread without even realizing it.

Negativity is particularly devastating when you’re looking for a new and better job. Your energy and attitude is reflected in your resume, LinkedIn profile, and personality during interview which can impact your already negative attitude toward job searching. No one will want to hire you if your resume shows off how tired and discouraged you are.

It bums me out when I can’t help a job seeker because his or her attitude is toxic.

If you’re one of the many people who struggles to find joy in the holiday season or lift yourself out of negativity when your day-to-day gets stagnant, there are a few things you can do to lift your spirits. One of my favorite recommendations is to create short lists that turn your attention to more uplifting thoughts.

These are the lists I create to nix negativity and stay motivated.

7 Lists That Will Motivate You | Off The Clock Resumes

The Last 5 Compliments You Received

Reflecting on the last few compliments you received can be a great exercise in positivity. If you’re finding yourself bummed out about a slow job search and wondering, “What’s wrong with me? Why will no one hire?” or just feeling down on yourself at work, create a list of the last five compliments you received.

This list will pull your attention to the traits and strengths that others admire in you. Here are the last five compliments I’ve received:

  1. You’re so organized

  2. You do a great job managing everything with the house

  3. Your hair looks amazing today

  4. Talking to you always puts me in a better mood

  5. You really know what you’re talking about

Your Top 10 Bucket List

Who hasn’t made a bucket list? Everyone loves creating bucket lists because they instantly lift your spirits, excite you for the future, and give you big dreams to aim for. The best thing about bucket lists is they’re always changing. Even if you’re not crossing things off your list very quickly, the list evolves with your ever-evolving interests and goals.

Creating a bucket list will motivate you when you’re looking for a new and better job because it brings the big picture into view or what this new and better job could bring to your future. Here are a few items on my bucket list (and yes, they’re all travel-related because I love traveling):

  1. Visit Australia

  2. Take a cruise someplace warm

  3. Return to London (particularly to visit Westminster Abbey again)

  4. Take a train someplace new

  5. Drink a butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Your Last 3 Wins (or Little Victories)

How often do you really take note and celebrate your wins during the week? Even the smallest victories are worth celebrating to keep up your momentum when working toward larger goals. If you’re feeling unaccomplished, you should really create a list of your last few wins to boost your confidence and reward yourself for the progress you have made.

In fact, you should make this a habit every week. In the last week, what have you accomplished? It doesn’t matter how big or small win is. Here are my three wins for the week:

  1. I finally recorded a new IGTV video after taking a few weeks off for medical issues.

  2. I revamped my LinkedIn WORKS! Coaching Program Sneak Peek offer, and it looks WAY better!

  3. The two books I ordered were delivered this week so I can start developing that new “reading for fun everyday” habit that I’ve said I’d start all year.

5 Things You Love About Yourself

The modern job search is frustrating, time-consuming, and often discouraging. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to start feeling down on yourself when you’re investing a ton of time marketing yourself and your skills with little feedback from employers. Beat the negativity and self-doubt by creating a list of the five things that you love about yourself.

This is one of the most challenging lists to make when you’re introverted and hate putting the spotlight on yourself in any situation. Low energy and confidence is really evident to employers, so this list will boost those energy levels. Here’s my list for inspiration:

  1. I love that I finished my four-year degree this year.

  2. I love that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to meet new people this year.

  3. I love that I am continually getting better at communicating with others.

  4. I love that I’m being more present and taking better care of myself.

  5. I love that I’m growing more patient.

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3 Things You’re Looking Forward To

While this list is similar to a bucket list, it puts your plans rather than your dreams on the pedestal for a few minutes. Bucket list items are the big dreams that may or may not happen but are worth aspiring to. These items should be the things you’re looking forward to this week, next month, or next year.

Creating a list of the three things you’re looking forward to in a set amount of time will help boost your morale especially if you’re feeling trapped in a dead-end job or stagnant in your career. Here are the three things I’m looking forward to in the next few months:

  1. Thanksgiving food and leftovers

  2. Spending Christmas in my hometown with my family this year

  3. All of the live action Disney movies being released in 2019

5 People You Admire & Why

Reflecting on the people you admire and why you admire them can put your mindset back in a good place if you’re feeling discouraged in your job search or career. Often the people we admire struggled through challenges that we feel are similar to our own circumstances and conquered them. When our circumstances seem too challenging to conquer, the people we admire can motivate us to keep trying.

Your list of people that you admire may be made up of family and friends or people you’ve never met before. Mine is made up of the people in my life that have persisted through a wide range of challenges. The top three on my list are:

  1. My Mom - She’s been self-employed for years and encourages me to never give up.

  2. My Husband - He works so hard and sacrifices a typical 9-to-5 schedule to provide the comforts we have.

  3. My Mother-in-law - She was a stay-at-home mom raising three kids while my father-in-law was away for work and encourages me through the railroad lifestyle.

3 Things That Made You Laugh Last Week

This is one of my favorite lists to create! Everyone needs more laughter in their life, and often the moments that make us laugh pass by so quickly. When your job search or stagnant career brings you down, remembering the moments that made you laugh or smile can motivate you.

Creating a short list of the things that made you laugh last week will also help you be more present and hold on to the moments that make you happy. Here are the last three things that made me laugh with my whole body:

  1. My dogs were so excited when I walked in the door that they were tripping over themselves as they ran across the kitchen floor.

  2. My mom discovered filters on a Facebook Messenger video call.

  3. I binge watched one of my favorite TV series from high school, Scrubs, which can make me laugh more than any other show I’ve watched.

Don’t let your job search get you down! Start creating lists that focus on the things that make you smile or things you’re looking forward to.