Get Out Of Your Way By Breaking These 5 Habits

What bad habits are keeping you from achieving your goals?

Whether you are pursuing a promotion or working on your "Bucket List," often the greatest challenges you face are mental obstacles. The worst of habits are typically the most difficult to break, but identifying them as the root of your struggle is the first step.

Get Out Of Your Way By Breaking These 5 Habits | Off The Clock Resumes

There are certainly more than five bad habits. You could find long lists of personal habits, financial habits, eating habits, and more. The following bad habits are not as common but the most detrimental to achieving goals.


Being Late

Being late is a horrible habit. Consistently being five, ten, or more minutes late will hurt your reputation. Being late shows gives others the impression that you are unreliable. Being late also implies that you do not respect the time of others. If you are always ten or more minutes behind the rest of the world, you will struggle to achieve your goals.


There are several things you can do to break this bad habit. If you are consistently late to work every morning, you should set your alarm earlier or use an alarm app that helps you wake up. Some alarm apps have unique alarm tones and even challenges that prevent you from snoozing.


If you are consistently late with meeting deadlines, consider changing how you plan your day and schedule your time. Spend 20 minutes every morning scheduling your day and aim to fill every 30-minute block with activities. Either keep your schedule in sight (on your desk for example) or track your activities on your cell phone with alarms notifying you when you need to start another task or activity.


Trying To Please Everyone

A bad habit that many people fail to realize they have is the inclination to always please others. Saying "yes" to everything will not only cause you stress, but trying to please everyone will only set yourself up for failure and discouragement. Learning how to manage your time and, in many cases, this involves learning how to say "no," you will struggle to achieve your goals.


You may be presented with opportunities to take on more responsibility. Before saying "yes" to any of these opportunities, you need to reassess your priorities. Another "people-pleasing" action involves striving to meet the unrealistic expectations of others.


You can break this habit by choosing three priorities to focus on at a time. When you spread yourself too thin, you will not be able to accomplish much. Whether it's a request, an expectation, or a project, manage your focus and your time to start achieving your goals.

Focusing On The Negative

Negative self-talk is a horrible habit to start. When you start thinking negatively about yourself or your surroundings, you lose momentum to move forward. Stagnant is not the way to success. Negativity can be influenced by others, but it is ultimately your attitude and your choices that will influence if and when you achieve your goals.


Start surrounding yourself with positive people. Another great way to break this habit is to start your day in the most positive way. Stretch when you first wake up or start a morning workout routine. Eat a healthy breakfast. Give yourself enough time in the morning to read or drink your coffee outside on the porch. A positive mindset starts with a healthy mindset.


Blaming Others

This bad habit can really keep you from success. When you blame others or circumstances for your shortcomings or mistakes, you lose a great opportunity for growth. Taking ownership of your mistakes shows that you are not afraid to fail and that you are a credible leader.


Shortcomings, such as a lack of skill or knowledge, cannot be blamed on a lack of opportunity. The internet is loaded with free information and valuable training programs that are worth the investment. Mistakes that result from poor judgment may not even reflect poorly on you if you handle the situation well.


Taking ownership of your shortcomings or faults involves admitting to yourself that you need to improve, confessing to others affected that you need to improve in this area, and taking direct action to resolve the issue. Taking action to prevent further faults rather than blaming others will influence your personal and professional growth.


Striving For Perfection

The final bad habit worth breaking is striving for perfection. Being a "perfectionist" can keep you from achieving your goals because you are ruled by fear of failure. Failure and mistakes help you grow and develop new strengths. Perfection also doesn't exist, so this habit will never produce satisfying results.


Perfectionists are often their own worst enemy. They can never feel satisfied or accomplished because they harshly criticize all the small things. Often perfectionists experience "burn out" from exhaustion which prevents them from achieving their goals as well.


This is by far one of the most difficult habits to break. Changing your perspective is never easy. The best approach to breaking this habit is to recognize and reward yourself for the small things. Breaking down your project or task into smaller segments and rewarding yourself for finishing each task will help you move forward with less criticism and more action. This tactic will also help you see your strengths and keep you motivated to achieve your goals.