Is Your Top Career Fear Just A Trick?

Is Your Top Career Fear Just A Trick- - Off The Clock Resumes

Does career planning excite you, or does the fear of change stand in your way?


The new year is just a few months away! Now is the time to evaluate your career and plan for the changes that may come in 2017. Career planning can often remind us of our fears of the unknown, but you shouldn't let fear dictate your choices!


The following fears are nothing more than mind tricks preventing you from succeeding.


Fear #5: Bad Boss or Leadership

A boss or supervisor can set the tone for the workplace. Having a new boss or leader with bad judgment, a poor attitude, or weak morals can certainly be a fear when considering a career move. A bad boss can be someone with a temper or conflicting personality, which you can never really prepare for, or someone who doesn't lead at all, a situation that can be the downfall of a team or even a company.


When you can't necessarily choose your boss, you can choose how you handle and manage the relationship with him or her. Becoming an expert in another person requires time and patience. Building a relationship with a person that you disagree with or have negative feelings toward is a challenge but may open doors for you.


Fear #4: Not Reaching Full Potential

When career planning, a great fear can be failing to reach your full potential. We are typically the happiest when our strengths are leveraged and we make positive impacts. When a job or environment keeps you from excelling in areas that you are skilled or knowledgeable in, you will not be satisfied or challenged.


Before making any career changes, do your research and ask questions to determine whether or not the new environment will allow you to maximize your potential and excel. This will alleviate some fears about the unknown or prevent you from making a change you may regret.


Fear #3: Conflicts

A fear for the meek is often the fear of conflict with others. Whether the conflict is with a co-worker or a supervisor, conflict can be stressful for several reasons. Conflict can bring out the worst of individuals, break down trust, and build barriers between team members. 


Rather than letting the fear of conflict rule your professional life, learn and conquer conflict management skills including active listening. Learning how to listen to others concerns and calmly present solutions will not only prevent conflict but resolve potential conflict before negative effects enter the workplace.

Fear #2: Failure or Mistakes

Do you find yourself concerned with making mistakes or failing? Does this fear control whether or not you take a risk in your career? The fear of failure is very common because of a precedent set that everyone can be replaced in the workplace. If we fail, we fear that we will lose responsibility or gain a poor reputation.


Failure, or making mistakes, is the only way we truly learn. From mistakes comes innovation, creativity, and strengths in problem-solving. Instead of fearing failure, stand out from those who get by doing the bare minimum and take a few risks. Don't let the fear of failure dictate whether or not you compete for a promotion or make another major career move.


Fear #1: Job Security

When career planning, your top priority may be job security. Fearing that your career move or job will not provide job security can prevent you from taking risks that promote growth and ultimately success.


The great lie of job security has become a front-runner for determining whether or not you may consider changing jobs, changing careers, or relocating for new opportunities. Why is job security a great lie? The economy and job market is constantly changing. While one company may make certain guarantees, they are not legally obligated to keep those promises if a major change outside of their control occurs.


Rather than letting the fear of losing job security prevent you from moving forward in your career, seize the day and embrace the opportunities you are presented with. You may find that you gain more confidence, new skills and knowledge, and ultimately "job security" elsewhere.



Is Your Top Career Fear Just A Trick | Off The Clock Resumes