How To Gain Respect In The Workplace: Infographic

 How To Gain Respect In The Workplace | Off The Clock Resumes

In our busy lives, it's easy to forget that our actions and attitudes affect everyone around us. Are you courteous or catty? Are you opinionated or obstinate? These are things to consider when you want to gain respect in the workplace. 


1. Pay Your Dues

It may seem like a small thing, but working hard and keeping up professional appearances will make a huge difference in how others perceive you. Show up on time (or early!), keep up with deadlines, and present yourself appropriately in speech and attire. Everyone starts at the bottom, but what you do with your time will determine how you are treated in the workplace.


2. Kill Them With Kindness

Coworkers, bosses, and customers (and all at once!) can make you scream... or make the claws come out at least. Gain respect in the workplace with a smile and a gentle voice. It's amazing what politeness and a positive attitude will do! Killing them with kindness will show that you're interested in others and catch their attention in positive ways.


3. Get Organized & Get Busy

Taking on more than you can chew is not going to help you. Take inventory of your resources, double-check your calendar, and ask for more responsibility when you know you can rock it. You'll not only gain respect as a hard worker, but you'll get attention from management that notices you're dedication and commitment to the work.


4. Find Your Niche

Unrealistic for your industry? Think again! Find something you can learn inside and out whether it be a computer program, a specific process, or troubleshooting a particular issue. Learn everything you can about that one thing, and become the go-to person that others can look up to. Gain respect for your expertise!


5. Pay It Forward

Do you often respect those who don't respect you? Mutual respect is hard to come by because it's often mistaken for admiration or even fear. To gain respect, you must give respect. If you aren't sure how to start, start with empathy. Practice active listening, express that you see their point of view, and encourage them to see yours. See where that gets you!

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