How To Get Organized For The New Year

  ur doing it wrong  by me and the sysop is licensed under  CC-BY ND .

ur doing it wrong by me and the sysop is licensed under CC-BY ND.

Organization is a huge benefit to anyone in the workplace. Organization helps you make deadlines, thoroughly complete tasks, and displays a preparedness that employers love to see. Although organization is such a helpful skill, don't forget that flexibility will also come more easily when you are organized. Try these useful tips for this two-for-one skill set and get organized for the New Year!


1. Make A Checklist For Daily and Weekly Tasks

Whether you use notes, a spreadsheet, or an email program like Outlook to set tasks, having a physical reminder of what you need to do that you can "check-off" as you go will help keep you accountable for your responsibilities.


2. Prioritize Your List By...

...Urgency, or what needs to be done first, and then by importance, or what task has the most overall value. By prioritizing tasks, you will make your day and or week more manageable and relieve a lot of potential stress.


3. Use A Pocket Planner

And keep it on-hand at all times! A pocket planner, thanks to technology, can even be the calendar on your cell phone. Just make sure to check it to keep up to date on deadlines, meetings, and upcoming projects.


4. Break Down Projects Into Smaller Tasks

Projects can often become overwhelming when you're already juggling daily and weekly tasks. Since you've already organized your tasks, why not break down the project into manageable tasks as well?


5. Complete One Task At A Time

Do not mistake this for #8 on our list. The key to this tip is completion. Don't get in the habit of starting multiple tasks and not completing them. This can reverse your entire organization plan!


6. Clean Your Desk At The End Of Every Day

Many workers prefer to spend the first 30-minutes of their day getting organized and cleaning up from the day before. Instead of jumping into their projects or daily tasks, you are more likely to procrastinate longer if you have to clean first. Kick this habit by cleaning up at the end of the day.


7. Create A Routine

Whether it's using the first 30 minutes of your day to check and answer email or taking your break at the same time every day, a routine will help you stay focused and on schedule while allowing ample time for breaks and relaxation. Just remember that you may need to be flexible occasionally. 


8. Stop Multitasking

While multitasking may seem productive, often priorities slip through the cracks. Staying on-task and completing each task before moving forward will help you get everything done and done right the first time around. More mistakes are made by multitasking than anything else!


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