How To Jump Start Your Work Week On A Manic Monday

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Your alarm goes off. You hit the snooze. You wake up again on your own but with only fifteen minutes to shower and leave before being late for work. You didn’t get your workout in. You can’t find your keys. You are just not on your A-game today.

Monday mornings have a horrible reputation for ruining an entire week. Don’t let one day of the week jeopardize your productivity and success at work! There are several small ways you can jump start your week after a manic Monday.

How To Jump Start Your Work Week On Manic Monday | Off The Clock Resumes


Get Your Heart Pumping (In A Better Way)

Your heart is likely pumping already from stress and adrenaline that typically partners with a bad Monday morning. You can use this to your advantage with a quick 90-second exercise. Trust me, your frantic morning can accommodate 90-seconds of jumping jacks or jogging in place.

What does this accomplish? Your heart rate may already be elevated, but 90-seconds of cardio will help you breathe more deeply and deliver oxygen to your muscles. Ultimately, this will help rejuvenate you and focus your high heart rate on something more beneficial than stress.


Eat Something… Anything.

There’s just something about hunger that makes a bad day that much worse. If you’re frantically running out of the door, grab something out of the pantry or fridge like a can of fruit or a slice of cheese.

Not only will this curb your appetite, but eating can have a calming effect. While this effect can be highly abused, it's better to grab something quick to eat on the way out the door than to be a victim of stress, hunger headaches, grouchiness, and poor eating habits.


Say Hello To Everyone You See

Silly, maybe. But effective? Yes. Why? It’s challenging to say hello with a frown. Acts of kindness, even small acts of kindness like saying hello, can make another person’s day. Seeing other smiles and passing along a little kindness can do wonders for your attitude.

Start by saying hello. Hold a door open for someone. Offer to help with something. Any small act of kindness will instantly lift your spirits and jump start your week the most manic of Mondays.


Make A (Small) To-do List

A bad Monday can start a domino effect on the rest of your week if you don’t get on top of it. One of the ways to jump start your week off is to create a to-do list. While you may do this already, a common mistake on a bad day is to create a to-do list that only discourages you.

Making a small to-do list with your top three priorities for the day can keep you focused and positive. Once you finish that list, pat yourself on the back and create another manageable list.


Find The Silver Linings

On the subject of having a positive attitude, don’t let your attitude make every obstacle you face that much worse. Sure, you can panic for five seconds; then find the silver lining. There’s always a silver lining.

While a pros and cons list is a bit much (and time-consuming), identifying one pro and skipping the cons can retrain your thinking to be more positive. Silver linings may be difficult to determine, but starting with one obstacle and one silver lining is a great start.


Drink Water Throughout The Day

You’ve heard how important hydration is. Drinking water throughout the day helps increase your energy, boosts your immune system, and prevents headaches. These are all complications that can ruin your week especially if you’re starting off wrong on a Monday.

If you struggle to keep hydrated because of coffee or soda habits, you should drink one glass of water for every other drink you consume. Aim to drink at least two quarts of water a day. If possible, try keeping a 2-quart pitcher in the breakroom fridge to help track your water intake.


Keep Smiling

Have you heard that it burns more calories to smile than it does to frown? There are several benefits to smiling in addition brightening someone else’s day. Smiling can also lower your heart rate, reduce stress by releasing endorphins, and boost your immune system.

Have you heard the expression, “Fake it until you make it?” Of course, you have. If you struggle to stay positive and smile, faking it until it naturally occurs can have the same effect and jump start your week.


Plan Ahead For The Rest Of The Week

While most of these tips can help you in the moment, there’s nothing better for your outlook and productivity than planning ahead. Even if your Monday threatens to ruin your week, you can always start again on Tuesday.

One way to plan ahead, prioritize your day, and maintain your positive outlook is to use a planner. My favorite planner that I promote frequently is the Panda Planner. This planner helps you schedule out your month, organize your projects by week, and prioritize your daily tasks. You can get this planner on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members too!

Take a deep breath and start taking steps toward preventing another manic Monday.