Are You Ready? How To Prepare For an Interview & Get The Job

Interview skills are derived from common sense, yet even the most qualified job seeker struggles to thrive in a job interview. Although Off The Clock Resumes does not offer interview coaching services at this time, we want to help you succeed beyond the initial call back.


Steph Cartwright, CPRW, the founder of Off The Clock Resumes, has developed the ultimate guide for preparing for a job interview. The spirit of this book is to share some common sense in an easy-to-grasp format and challenge you to look at your background from a new perspective. There is no reason why you can’t conquer your next job interview and get the job with a little preparation and confidence.


About The Book

We understand that the job search is time sensitive. Once you get that initial call back, you have a limited time to prepare for your job interview. This book will alleviate your stress by providing the best tips and tricks in only 62 pages.


The book is also organized to make it easier to find the information that will make the biggest impact on your interview skills. The eight chapters include:

  • Your Phone Interview
  • What To Research and Practice
  • What (Not) To Wear
  • Answers to Common Interview Questions
  • Explaining Special Circumstances, and
  • Following Up


Throughout this paperback guide, you'll find grey boxes with quick tips from the text. These quick tips highlight the best practices and interview insights so you can quickly scan the book for quick reminders right before your interview.


The book is also available to purchase and download for Kindle. Carry your ultimate interview guide in your pocket or purse using your mobile device or tablet. The ebook has a dynamic Table of Contents to help you jump easily to the best answer for the specific interview question you typically struggle with.


While we highly recommend purchasing the book now so you will be ready for your next job interview, Are You Ready? How To Prepare For An Interview & Get The Job is available on Amazon Prime with free two-day shipping for Prime members. The paperback book is available for only $8.99, and the Kindle version is available for only $3.99.


Top 10 Interview Tips From The Book

This book covers everything from how to conquer different types of job interviews, how to market yourself and the value you offer, what specific details to research before your interview, how to dress for different environments, and how best to answer the most common interview questions. Here are Steph's top 10 interview tips from the book:


1. Prepare For Your Phone Interview

Sometimes this may mean asking to reschedule for later that day or the next day (at the latest!) when you are called on the spot. This will give you a few hours to refresh your knowledge of what the company does and glance over your resume again. 


2. Connect With The Interviewer

Whether you are in a group interview or not, make an effort to connect with the interviewer. Show off your personality, joke (appropriately) with him or her, and ask questions about his or her experience at the company.


3. Learn Self-Marketing Skills

Take the time to explore the needs of the company and assess how you and your skills can meet those needs. Take a genuine interest in the company's values and mission, and sell your strengths as the solution to meeting those goals and objectives.


4.  Investigate The Company's Culture

In addition to asking the interviewer about his or her experience, you should use social media to explore the company's culture. Facebook and Instagram may have great behind-the-scene photos or updates, and you can use LinkedIn to connect with employees and ask about working for the company for unbiased and honest feedback.


5. Practice Practice Practice

Work with a friend or colleague to practice identifying examples in your work history and education to answer questions. Practice identifying your career goals and describing the value you offer.


6. Dress For The Company's Culture

If you are not told specifically in the initial call what attire is appropriate for your interview, you should ask. Whether the attire is business formal, business casual, or startup casual (Yes, this is  real thing.), you should plan to dress appropriately and professionally.


7. Answer Questions Genuinely

A whole chapter is dedicated to answering common interview questions, but the underlying theme is to answer genuinely. Don't just recite your resume. The purpose of the interview is to judge whether or not you are a good fit for the company. They wouldn't be meeting with you if they didn't think you were somewhat qualified.


8. Keep Your Answers Forward-Thinking

Here's a little insight into recruiting and staffing: hiring you needs to align with the company's strategy. If you have special circumstances to explain such as a career change or gaps in employment, answer honestly but keep your answer focused on the value you offer and your goals.


9. Following Up Is Really Important

Whether you send a handwritten note to the company or a LinkedIn Connection Request, the impression you make will follow you out the door. Ask for feedback on your interview skills, remind the interviewer why this opportunity would align with your career goals, or comment on something non-work related for a more personal touch.


10. Don't Get Discouraged

If you don't get the job despite your qualifications, take this as a sign that the company was not a good fit for you. A better company or a better job is out there, and you want that. You don't want to secure a job that makes you miserable. You are valuable and will be a huge asset to the right company.



Are You Ready? How To Prepare For An Interview & Get the Job is now available for purchase on Amazon Prime and Kindle | Off The Clock Resumes