Introducing Graphic Resumes That Make You Stand Out

Standing out in the competitive job market is no easy task. Whether you're hitting the streets or constantly searching job boards, you know you're not alone and the competition is fierce. When you have the credentials and qualifications that everyone else has, it can be exhausting searching through your background for something... anything... that will make you stand out. 


Off The Clock Resumes Presents Graphic Resumes

We have always stuck to the basic principles of resume writing with a drive to keep up with the modern employer. While it's essential your resume pass Applicant Tracking software, an employer needs to see your most valuable skills and what you will bring to a company quickly and easily. That's why we are creating custom Graphic Resumes to complement your standard ATS-approved resume. 


What Are Graphic Resumes?

Graphic Resumes are highly visual, PDF files that show your personality and career goals in a memorable way. Our Graphic Resumes keep the basics such as your contact information but present your experience and skills in a brief but more effective way. Using break-away text, graphs, charts, and images, a Graphic Resume shows creativity and organization that a standard ATS-approved resume may not.

Unlike standard resumes, Graphic Resumes focus on your most recent experience and most important skills. Graphic Resumes are one page instead of two, so even a 2-page standard Executive Resume will come with a single page Graphic Resume. Why? While content is the most important aspect of your standard resume, presentation is the most important part of a Graphic Resume. Less is more and will make a larger impact on employers.



Customization of Graphic Resumes

Yes, your standard resume is custom. Your skills, work history, and accomplishments are yours alone. Graphic Resumes are all about making a lasting impression on employers and standing out from a crowd of applicants. Your Graphic Resume will be consistent with the fonts and color scheme used on your standard resume but with some exceptional style and design upgrades. We can add cityscape/landscape pictures of your location or ideal location if you are looking to relocate. We use icons and graphics to reinforce your career goals and industry. We can even add snapshots of your portfolio for creative fields!


When Should I Use A Graphic Resume?

Graphic Resumes are best for job applications that are offline or by email. Graphic Resumes will not pass Applicant Tracking software and will not help you when applying through a Career Portal directly through a company's website. Since Graphic Resumes are PDFs, they will always maintain their stylistic design and can be opened by any PDF viewer (unlike word processing files that may only open with Microsoft Word).

A Graphic Resume is also a great tool to use at an interview. Bring a couple copies with you to give to the hiring manager or managers interviewing you. You'll stand out for bringing a vibrant reference tool and make a lasting impression compared to the stack of resumes that all look the same. Stand out with a Graphic Resume.



Add A Graphic Resume To Your Order Today

Graphic Resumes will make you stand out from the crowd and make an impression on employers. Our Graphic Resumes are professionally designed to complement your standard resume and are incredibly affordable. Add a Graphic Resume to your order today for only $49!