Is Career Coaching For You? Meet April!

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Many job seekers question whether career coaching is the solution Career coaching gives you the tools to discover the solution and tackle your career-related issues. Career coaching will challenge you to deeply reflect on your experiences and there is often homework for you to complete on your own time before a plan can be recommended by a career coach. If you’re willing to put in the work, career coaching may be for you!

I am so excited to announce that Off The Clock Resumes now offers a wide range of career coaching services! With a pay-per-hour model, you can choose from an array of career coaching topics and get personalized support during a Skype video coaching call. Current offerings include:

  • Career Exploration Coaching
  • Interview Coaching
  • Negotiation & Decision Making Coaching
  • Workplace Dynamics Coaching, and more!


Off The Clock Resumes has partnered with April Klimkiewicz, a career coach and the founder of Bliss Evolution. I work with April because she cares about the people she works with, your motivations, your dreams, and your career goals.


Is Career Coaching For You? Meet April! | Off The Clock Resumes


Before I introduce you to April, I want to share a little bit about the backstory to our collaboration. I had been looking into offering career coaching services through Off The Clock Resumes off and on for several months, and April contacted me on LinkedIn around the same time as another career coach. While the first career coach and I decided not to move forward with a collaboration, April was right there.

April and I "clicked" during our first Skype call. We were equally excited about the possible collaboration and working together on the logistics of it all was a breeze.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to April Klimkiewicz. I asked her to share more with you about her background and how she works with clients.


STEPH: April, thanks again for volunteering your time to share a bit about yourself with my readers and followers. Could you start by sharing how you got started as a career coach?

APRIL: I had no idea I wanted to be a career coach until I took a job as one.

Here’s what happened. I had graduated undergrad where I was an English Lit major. I was always interested in people’s stories but didn’t want to be a teacher, so my parents suggested I talk to people working in different jobs and see if there was anything that stood out to me. I ended up talking to a lot of people, and one was a Marriage and Family Therapist who really felt like my kind of people. The choice was easy, I wanted to be a therapist, too!

So, I applied to schools for Mental Health Counseling; and after I was accepted into Boston College, I got an email from MIT that they were looking for Career Counseling Interns. I remember distinctly thinking I didn’t want to be a Career Counselor but that it would be great to work at MIT and have some form of Counseling on my resume for a future as a Therapist.

The short version of the story is, I came to realize I loved career coaching and I was good at it. There were some twists and turns along my path to that discovery, but I’m thankful I tried something I didn’t think I’d love.

It’s amazing what we learn about ourselves when we just try something new!


STEPH: I agree. I've shared a bit about my story with you and how I explored a variety of freelance writing options before falling in love with resume writing. So, what has been your best moment as a career coach?

APRIL: My best moment is always hearing back from a client that they got the dream job they never imagined was out there for them.

One client I worked with recently had a job she loved at a company that didn’t treat women very well. Based on her industry, she felt she would never find a job with a manager who appreciated her and valued her work. We talked a lot about this, and she even completed homework related to this concern.

Soon afterward, she contacted me to let me know she had found a job she loved. She was doing the same work but for another organization who valued her. She said she would never have been able to find this job before our work together because she didn’t truly believe it was out there.

I get so much joy from helping people create the lives they love.


STEPH: That's awesome! What are some common challenges that you help your clients tackle?

APRIL: One of the most common things I end up talking to clients about is confidence. It comes up with almost everyone I coach.

I think there are multiple parts to gaining confidence in the job search. The first is knowing you’re looking for work that falls in your area of genius, in other words, work that suits your strengths, personality, skills, and interests. The second is KNOWING your application materials (resume, cover letter, etc.) are on point and being 100% certain you’re giving relevant and polished interview answers.

When you know you’re prepared and looking for work that suits you, all you have to worry about is determining fit with the companies to which you’re applying, and that’s a lot of weight off your shoulders!


STEPH: That's true. I'm always amazed when clients come back to me saying, "Wow, you made me sound so awesome on my resume!" Well, you ARE that awesome and you should know it. What should a client expect when working with you for the first time?

APRIL: Typically, I meet with someone for a brief call to discuss their career concern. They let me know what’s been going on, and I let them know my experience with that particular issue. If we decide to work together, they set up a time on my calendar (everything’s online to make our lives easier!), and we meet to discuss and strategize overcoming whatever issue they’ve been experiencing.

Sometimes it’s a quick thing that can be solved in a session or two, and other times it's more guidance and work for someone to reach their desired goal. I am a big fan of getting people results as fast as possible.

My business thrives on referrals. If I help someone succeed and they tell everyone they know about me, that benefits my business more than if I somehow were to drag out working with one person when we could easily move on to the next issue. The faster we get things done, the faster we can both celebrate success together!


STEPH: That's great. I've seen a handful of job seekers in Facebook Groups asking about career coaching services, pricing, success rates, and so on. What advice would you offer a job seeker seeking a career coach for the first time?

APRIL: You want to be sure you and the coach are philosophically aligned so your coach can help you highlight your strengths and figure out how to use them to create a job search strategy that will work best for you. A coach with experience helping lots of different people navigate a job search is also important because someone who is an introvert and an avid reader is going to approach a job search very differently from someone who is an extrovert and loves meeting and talking to new people.

What will bring success for each of these people is different, so working with a coach who understands who you are, your particular strengths and skills, and what you feel comfortable with is a huge asset to you.


STEPH: Great advice! I know that you've worked with people all over the country and even in Europe and Asia. You have a ton of experience and, frankly, you've seen it all. What do you find most rewarding about coaching and working with job seekers?

APRIL: One of the most rewarding things for me is knowing I’m helping people overcome hurdles and barriers that have stopped them from really shining in the world. Everyone has something to contribute, something powerful to do or share with the world, and being able to both find that and navigate a path toward doing that thing can seem really daunting. I love giving people the tools to be successful and watch them gain confidence in themselves and succeed in what they set out to do.

I jump up and down with my clients when they have good news!

Just like I believe my clients should create work they can put their heart into, I am sure I’m taking on work with clients that I can put my heart into, too. This is why I offer a free call to discuss your career concern before we ever get started working together. We both have to be sure we’re going to find success working together.


STEPH: Before I wrap this up, what are three things that you're excited about this year? I want to make sure my readers and followers get to know YOU too. 

APRIL: This year, I’m excited about an upcoming trip to North Carolina where I’ll do a little hiking along the Appalachian Trail. I’ll also be teaching yoga with Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog at Fort Lauderdale’s local Museum of Discovery and Science. And once the summer arrives, I can’t wait to get some snorkeling in!


STEPH: How fun! And what are your three favorite things?

APRIL: Some of my favorite things are yoga outdoors, trying new restaurants with family and friends, and traveling to far-flung places.


STEPH: Thank you, and thanks again for taking the time to introduce yourself to my readers. I'm really looking forward to what's in store for our partnership and the rest of the year.

If you're wondering if career coaching and working with April is for you, you can schedule a free 30-minute call with her right now!

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