How To Transform LinkedIn Profile Views Into Connections | LinkedIn Lifeline, Episode 2 [VIDEO]

LinkedIn profile views mean absolutely nothing if that's where the interaction stops.

Even if you’re only using LinkedIn as an online resume (instead of the robust networking site that it is!), you still want to see results i.e. connection requests, messages, job offers, etc.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients on optimizing their LinkedIn profiles to improve their visibility in search results and present them as the best fit for the job that they want, and they panic because they’ve noticed a drop in profile views. When you go from a broad or generic profile to a laser-focused targeted profile, you want to see a drop in profile views.

You want to attract the right profile views from recruiters, hiring managers, and others in your industry then integrate them into your referral network.

I'm about to share the #1 strategy that's going to transform your LinkedIn profile views into connection requests and messages.

Adjusting Your Privacy Settings on LinkedIn

If you have strict privacy settings on your public profile, then you're hurting your chances of growing your referral network on LinkedIn. LinkedIn says you’ll get 21 times more profile views with a profile photo, but are you limiting who can see that photo?

When you limit the information that can be public on LinkedIn, you fail to give others a reason to reach out and get to know you.

There are 7 sections on your LinkedIn profile that you need to make sure are visible to everyone by adjusting your privacy settings for your public profile.

  1. Your Profile Photo

  2. Your Headline

  3. Your Summary or About section

  4. Your Current Experience

  5. Your Past Experience

  6. Your Education

  7. Your Recommendations

*** Watch the video for a demo on how to adjust your privacy settings for your public profile on LinkedIn ***

Adding A Direct Invitation

This is a bonus strategy that will help you transform your profile views into connection requests and message even faster. Include a call-to-action in your Summary or About section that tells LinkedIn users exactly what you want them to do and what they're going to get out of it.

This is only effective if you have adjusted your privacy settings to make your Summary section visible to everyone!

If you want employers to connect with and message you about job opportunities, craft a statement like this to add to the end of your Summary section:

If you believe my background and skills would be a great match for your team, please send me a connection request so we can discuss your company's needs in more detail.

You can also craft a call-to-action that attracts others in your field for general networking or mentoring opportunities.

What Next

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Have you noticed how often your profile views are converting into connection requests and messages?