Meet LaPora: Federal Resume Writing Services Now Available

We are extremely excited to announce that Off The Clock Resumes now offers federal resume writing services! Most federal job announcements can be found on USAJobs and The government agencies hiring have very specific requirements that candidates need to address to even be considered. That’s where Federal Resume Specialists come in.

Federal resumes need to be targeted to your series number, level of experience, and ideal agency. Certified Professional Resume Writers, specifically Federal Resume Specialists, excel in creating and enhancing federal resumes in alignment with USAJobs application requirements.

Meet LaPora, our new Federal Resume Specialist

Today, I’d like to introduce you to LaPora Lindsey. LaPora has joined the team as Off The Clock Resumes’ Federal Resume Specialist. LaPora was asked to share more about her background as a federal resume writer, how she works with clients, and what her primary goals are when working with a federal job seeker.


STEPH: LaPora, thanks again for not only joining the team at Off The Clock Resumes but for volunteering your time to share a bit about yourself with our blog readers. To begin, please share how you got started as a resume writer?

LAPORA: Long story short, in 2011 when I moved overseas with my husband, I applied for several federal positions. I quickly learned what not to do. I had never received so many rejection letters.

Kathryn Troutman, a well-known federal resume writer and author, had come into the area and provided a class on federal resume writing. I was selected as a guinea pig, so I had the opportunity to learn from one of the greats about resume writing.  It was just something about that entire experience of failing and then finding a way to succeed that stuck with me. I didn’t get certified, however, until February 2014.


STEPH: When you’re working with a new client, what is your first priority?

LAPORA: To get to know them and understand how they work. Everyone works and thinks differently, so I try to do a [non-psychic] read to get a feel for how I should approach them or how I should address their concerns.


STEPH: What are some common challenges that you help clients tackle?

LAPORA: Not wasting their time and meeting the qualifications and criteria. Federal jobs have several stipulations when applying for positions. This means that you have to meet the qualifications, area of consideration, and any other requirements that might be listed in order to have your resume reviewed.

In addition to that, you have to provide documents BEFORE applying to the position, so it’s best to keep everything on file and on standby. I try to let people know upfront what the agency is looking for so that they do not complete the process only to be not considered.


STEPH: What are some common challenges that federal job seekers face that other job seekers may not experience?

LAPORA: Getting a decent page length. Most individuals when they hear the minimum requirement for federal resume page length seem overwhelmed. That’s where I come in and help make the process a little easier.


STEPH: What advice would you offer a job seeker pursuing a federal job for the first time?

LAPORA: Plan in advance. Take your time. And read everything.


STEPH: What aspect of resume writing do you find most rewarding?

LAPORA: Building confidence. A lot of people hate to brag, I am one of them; HOWEVER, I know that with if you don’t brag on yourself no one else will. I work with a lot of clients who are unsure of how they can apply for a job that they really want when they don’t feel adequate. It is so much fun to see the increase in confidence as we go through the process. They slowly start to realize that the work that they’ve completed is not only relevant but it is also more valuable than what they give themselves credit for.


STEPH: I agree. I love when clients walk away from their experience with Off The Clock Resumes with confidence. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with our readers. I’ll wrap up this interview with a little more information about our federal resume process.


To get started with Off The Clock Resumes, federal job seekers should visit our Get Started page to upload their existing resume and schedule a phone consultation with LaPora. She’ll give you a call to verify your job target and collect payment, then she’ll get started on your Ghost Draft. This is a step that is critical in our process and also makes our process stand out from other federal resume writing services.

Your Ghost Draft serves as a pre-first draft identifying any major information gaps within your background. During this step, LaPora will ask for very specific information that will not provide examples of your Knowledge Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) specifically requested by the employer but also ensure your resume meets the page length requirements mentioned above. How quickly you are able to respond and provide this information will directly impact when you receive your first draft, so responsiveness is extremely important for our federal resume clients.

First drafts are typically delivered by email in 8-10 business days; however, you can receive your first drafts in 4-5 business days with an additional rush fee. Federal resumes are also eligible for a Priority Revision Period during which time any revision requested will be completed within 48 hours for up to ten business days. As always, we will honor our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and provide unlimited revisions based on, in this case, LaPora’s availability.

So what do you think? Are you ready to accelerate your job search?

If your federal resume has no focus and is used for every job application, is less than five pages, or doesn’t specifically address the KSAs required to be a qualified candidate then let’s get started.

Federal resumes are vastly different from targeted corporate resume. Check to make sure that your federal resume meets the standard length and specifications!