Rise Above It: Leadership During Workplace Changes

 Original Photo:  The Apple Generation II  by Johan Larsson is licensed under  CC BY 2.0 . (Text Overlay)

Original Photo: The Apple Generation II by Johan Larsson is licensed under CC BY 2.0. (Text Overlay)

It's hard enough getting up and driving into work everyday. When you punch in only to find that someone higher up is messing with your world, you can get a case of the Mondays really quick (Office Space... get with it.)! Change management is a skill not easily acquired but any chance to shine in leadership will get you ahead. And what do leaders do when changes start happening in the workplace? They rise above it.


Top 3 Stress-Inducing Workplace Changes

1. New Management

Nothing can shake the strongest team more than a new leader. Will I like my new boss? Will my new boss like me? Will my new boss appreciate me? Will I need to fight for respect all over again? 


2. New Processes, Procedures, or Systems

Most people get comfortable with routines and standard operations that eventually become routine. Change in the workplace can mean a new way of doing things that shakes your confidence or forces you to step outside that comfort zone.


3. Layoffs

Oh, the rumor-mill loves this one. Often a change in the workplace can be a cut in budget, a shift in direction, or even a complete takeover. Fear of losing your job is legitimate when the security you thought you had gets a rude awakening. 


Embrace Change

Easier said than done, right? There are several reasons for change and their not bad. New management and layoffs are a company's way of saying, "We want innovation! We want phenomenal talent!" When you take this as a challenge, you open yourself up to a new world of opportunities. The sooner you accept that the change is happening and embrace it, you will find that the new challenges ahead are learning opportunities. Learning and developing new skills may even open doors for you to be promoted.


The blame for change in processes, procedures, and systems goes to the advancements in technology and growing desire for a more sustainable workplace. Workplace automation and transition into the digital era is a step towards a more sustainable environment that has become a high priority for corporate leadership. Join the movement by encouraging green initiatives. Proposing programs for recycling and taking an interest in mastering the new automated processes will show your dedication to company initiatives.


The 4 C's of Workplace Change

Carry On. When you can accept that change is inevitable, you will be able to lead your team. After all, you're still getting paid. You might as well rise above it and continue with your work rather than stress and feed the rumor-mill.


Communicate. Talk about the changes early and often. Knowledge is power, so collect all the details you can. By communicating with management and your peers, you'll learn how this will affect you and how others in your position have dealt with similar changes previously.


Connect. Instead of stressing about your job security, start networking. Meet as many people as you can because you never know when a new connection will bring with him or her a new opportunity. When you network you also build a support group of colleagues who have dealt with similar changes before and can offer us some free advice.


Conquer It. It's amazing what a change in attitude can do to a workplace change. Rather than investing your energy in worrying, get excited and get involved. Replace your worry with action and the optimism will rub off on your team. It's simple but powerful.


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