The Life and Lies of Resume Writing: Infographic

You've probably seen a similar timeline, but we wanted to draw some attention to a particular trend that has been developing over the 500-year journey of the resume. It has everything to do with branding.


The Evolution of Resume Writing

Resume writing has evolved from a quick personal description jotted down on a napkin to a digital business card. In the early 2000s, resumes became a public advertisement rather than a personal statement. With the launch of job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder and social networking, resume writing had to shift from personal to strategic.


The Importance of Personal Branding

As a job seeker, it's important to become a personal marketing specialist. How do you advertise your strengths in a way that helps you stand out from candidates applying for the same jobs with similar skills? How do you sell yourself?


It all starts with your personal brand. Telling your story in a way that establishes you as an expert and a rare find in the job market is now more important than just a well-organized resume.


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