Top 7 Secrets That Will Make You A Microsoft Excel Expert

Top 7 Secrets That Will Make You A Microsoft Excel Expert - Off The Clock Resumes 

Does Excel give you a headache? You're not alone.


Whether you're new to the office or a Microsoft Office wiz, there are several easily overlooked tips, tricks, hacks, and shortcuts. Several of these will make your data entry that much easier and your tasks that much quicker. Which secret is your favorite to use?


1. Adding Multiple New Rows or Columns

It wastes so much time to insert more than one row or column individually. Instead, drag and select however many rows or columns as you want to add above or left. Right click the highlighted section and click Insert. 


2. Easy Jumping Across A Sheet

Did you know you can jump to the edge of a sheet by clicking Ctrl and any arrow button? Navigate your sheet quicker without all the scrolling.


3. Transposing

Ever started entering your data and your columns are organized beautifully... only to find out your boss wants to see the information in rows instead? Transpose your data instead of starting over from scratch. Copy the area you want to transpose, and click on an empty cell. With your cells still actively waiting to be pasted, click the arrow under the Paste icon in the Home toolbar then click the Transpose icon. 


4. Master the Auto Fill

When you have to type a series of repetitive data like dates, times, etc., you can Auto Fill the data easily. Start your series and you'll notice a plus sign (+) in the lower right corner of the last cell you filled. Click and drag that up or down the column or across either direction of that row to automatically fill in your series. You will see an icon that gives you a menu to adjust your Auto Fill if you need too as well.


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5. Take Advantage of Flash Fill

Fill a column based on a previous pattern using Flash Fill. Start by typing your data in the format you want Flash Fill to imitate. Within a few cells, Excel should recognize the pattern and display what it thinks you want. Hit enter, and your data will Flash Fill!


6. Try Text To Columns

If you have data in a single cell that you need to split (for example, split full name into two columns of first name and last name), you can use Text to Columns. Select the data, click the Data tab, and click Text to Columns. You'll need to choose how to separate your data using either spaces, commas, etc. or by width. 


7. So Many Shortcuts

There are so many shortcuts you can use to simplify your data entry. Here are a handful of our favorites:

Ctrl + ; to enter today's date

Ctrl + Shift + : to insert the current time

Ctrl + & to add an outline border to selected cells

Ctrl + Shift + $ to add the Currency format

Ctrl + Shift + % to add the Percentage format

Ctrl + D to copy and Fill Down your selected cells

Ctrl + F to open your Find and Replace box



Top 7 Secrets That Will Make You A Microsoft Excel Expert | Off The Clock Resumes