What You Absolutely Cannot Forget On Your First Day: Checklist

Your first day at a new job can be exciting, overwhelming, and stressful. Actually, there tend to be more negative feelings associated with the first day than positive.

Conquer your first-day fears by organizing your morning (and even the night before!) with our First Day Checklist!


What You Absolutely Cannot Forget On Your First Day: Checklist | Off The Clock Resumes


_ Put Your Keys By The Door

This will be your first day, so start off with a good impression and get there on time or early. Your morning will be far more stressful if you're looking everywhere for your keys. Put them next to the door, next to your coffee mug, or somewhere you will naturally see them.


_ Dress For Confidence

If your new job requires a uniform, this could be a difficult task. Dressing for confidence means dressing appropriately for the workspace but also looking the way you feel most comfortable (despite the setting...). Whether this is a brand new tailored suit or that conservative dress that still manages to make you feel beautiful, dress for confidence.


_ Eat A Great Breakfast

You may not have time for the full breakfast spread, but don't cut this corner! You will need a full stomach and lots of energy to get through today. We have a handful of what we call "Frantic Morning Breakfasts" saved on Pinterest, so take a look:


_ Brush Your Teeth

If you are a coffee drinker (like me!), don't forget to brush your teeth! Coffee breath is not going to leave a great first impression on your new coworkers. We want to encourage smiles all day for your first day, so walk in with a bright and fresh smile.


_ Pack A Lunch (Just In Case!)

You don't know what the day has in store for you. Pack a light but healthy lunch that doesn't need to be refrigerated or heated up. You don't want to count on eating out in case your lunch break isn't that long, and you don't want to go through an entire shift without an energy boost.


_ Leave Your Phone In The Car

Before you walk in the door, leave your cell phone behind. This is huge for younger new employees who use their phones as a safety net. You don't need to text anyone before your lunch break. Instagram and Twitter can wait. There will be plenty of clocks around the workplace for you to check the time. Make a great first impression and leave your phone in the car.


_ Introduce Yourself

While you don't have your phone as a safety net, use this as a great opportunity to meet the team. Have your branding statement on hand because your new coworkers will want to know who you are and where you came from. Here's a great branding statement for your first day:

"Hi! My name is ______, and I'm the new (Job Title) . I used to be the (Job Title) at (Company Name), and I'm really excited to..."

Finish your introduction with something related to immediate company or department goals. Don't use this as an opportunity to talk about your pay raise or increase in benefits. Your new coworkers may think you're bragging or self-centered.


_ Get Lunch With The Boss (Or New Coworker)

If the boss or your new coworkers invite you to lunch, do it! This is a great chance to mingle, ask questions, get to know what others think of the company, and relax a little bit. While you may want to hide behind the protection of your healthy lunch (again, this was just a precaution) or your cell phone, step out of your comfort zone to get to know these people in a more casual setting.


_ Ask Lots Of Questions

I can't stress this enough. Asking questions will show that you are genuinely interested in what you're doing and want to learn more. You should be shown tons of grace in your first few weeks, so take advantage of some lenience and focus on doing the best you can. 

Some of the best questions you can ask include:

  • Where is the bathroom? (This should be #1!)

  • Is there a designated place for eating snacks or lunch?

  • What should be my goal this week?

  • What should I have accomplished in the next month?

  • Who should I go to with any questions on-the-job?