Why LinkedIn Beats Online Job Boards

Why does LinkedIn intimidate you so much?

You’re not alone. Most job seekers are timid about engaging with co-workers or colleagues on LinkedIn and networking with people they don’t know. While your introverted-self is hiding behind job boards like Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, and Craigslist, you’re losing out better opportunities.

The most effective job search strategy is growing a referral network. Employers have discovered that referrals are cheaper to hire and stick around longer. That’s why so many recruiters and HR professionals use LinkedIn (Over 87% as of 2016 based on this Jobvite Survey).

If you need more convincing, these are a few more reasons why using LinkedIn to apply for jobs beats online job boards.



Company Confidence

For a company to post a job on LinkedIn, it must have a Company Page. Company Pages will be linked to LinkedIn users who work for that company and potentially share updates from the company. You can rest assured that the company is legitimate when it has a public presence online and especially on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also charges companies for advertising jobs, and it’s more expensive than job boards like Monster, Indeed, and Craigslist. Companies with higher recruiting budgets are also more likely to value and invest in their employees.


Easy Culture Check

LinkedIn also makes it easy to learn more about the company’s culture. If the company is active on LinkedIn, you’ll find posts and updates about the company on the Company Page. The Company Page may even have a “Life” section that describes more about the company culture. This section includes employee testimonials and company insights based on the LinkedIn users that list the company as an employer on their profiles.

You can easily view the LinkedIn users who work for the company you are interested in from the Company Page, too You can view this directory of employees, search for employees in the Human Resources department, and send a Personalized Invite requesting to connect and share more about working for that company.

If you’re only applying for jobs on job boards, you’re spending more time than you need to on other websites learning about each company’s culture.


Seamless Referrals

You may even discover that several of these employees are connections, 2nd connections, or 3rd connections. If you have a mutual connection with a hiring manager or recruiter at that company, you can ask for an introduction. When you are introduced, your mutual connection shares your profile with the person they are referring you to in a private message.

Sharing profiles in a private message is a trusted method for making referrals on LinkedIn, and you won’t find this option on any job boards! It’s important to have your profile ready for referrals with great Recommendations.


Quick Application

When a job is posted on LinkedIn, the employer has two options: Easy Apply or send the applicant to apply on their website. Easy Apply is great because it’s a one-click application for job seekers. It’s great for employers because the easier application attracts more candidates.

Here’s the catch with Easy Apply, though: Employers only see your Name, Contact Information, Headline, Position Titles and Company Names, college, and Recommendations. There are minimal details shared from your profile which is why it’s critical that you both upload a targeted resume and make sure the privacy settings for your public profile are set advantageously.

If you’re only applying for jobs on job boards, you’re likely applying to jobs with the same broad resume (which doesn’t work) or spending four times as much time following each job application process.


Background Check Acceleration

When you hear background check, you may just think credit check. Did you know that most recruiters and HR professionals use social media for background checks? LinkedIn is a great tool to speed up the background check process. This is one of the reasons the Easy Apply option for job postings on LinkedIn is so attractive to employers.

Once a recruiter or HR professional verifies your work history and qualifications, LinkedIn also makes it easier to contact job seekers. So why does this make LinkedIn better than job boards? You’re more likely to be contacted by an employer on LinkedIn because it’s easier to apply, be verified, and be contacted.


Social Proof

Since an Easy Apply application gives employers minimal detail about your experience or achievements, having AMAZING Recommendations should be your top priority! Recommendations serve as social proof that supports your qualifications. Think of them as “Yelp reviews” for job seekers.

You can request a recommendation from a connection in a private message and ask for feedback regarding specific achievements, projects, or major contributions that you made. This will give employers the most valuable information that will help you stand out from other candidates.

If you’re only applying for jobs on job boards, your resume is going to struggle to stand out and showcase the unique value you offer to employers.


A More Interactive Resume

You can include so much more information on your LinkedIn profile than you can on a resume. LinkedIn is an easier format to skim, and there’s more freedom to be conversational. You can also add multimedia to your profile which makes it far more engaging than a resume.

You can add a video cover letter to your Summary, a slideshow presentation with work samples to your Experience section, a photo or scan of a certification, and a link to your online portfolio. You think a job board is going to give you so many options to boost your resume?


How To Prep Your LinkedIn Profile For Easy Apply

Now that you’re completely sold on using LinkedIn to apply for jobs, there are a few steps you can take to make sure LinkedIn is working its hardest for you. First, you will want to adjust your public profile privacy settings to make sure that the following sections are “Visible to everyone:”

  • Your Headline

  • Your Summary

  • Your Current Experience and Details

  • Your Past Experience and Details

  • Your Education

  • Your Skills

  • Your Recommendations


Next, make sure that your LinkedIn URL is customized as a shareable link with your name. Upload a great profile photo that is well-lit, high-quality, and not a high-angle or mirror selfie. Finally, optimize your Headline with keywords that indicate your top qualifications and  career goals.

Adjust your privacy settings and start Easy Applying to jobs on LinkedIn.