Why Trusting Yourself is Key to Success


Even though you have been in your own company much longer than anyone else’s, you are definitely not alone if you find it hard to trust and believe in your own abilities. However, trusting yourself can greatly help you in both your career and personal life - it’s one of the keys to success.

You can’t really, truly rely on anybody else, at least not 100% of the time, so if you need some inspiration, consider the following reasons why trusting yourself is important.

Why Trusting Yourself Is Key To Success (Guest Post by Allison Hail) | Career Tips From Off The Clock Resumes

You’ll be more in tune with yourself

It’s important to know your weaknesses. Too many people focus on their strengths and neglect to work on their weaknesses, only to have them cause issues at the worst moments possible down the line. Trusting yourself will mean being able to admit when you’re not so great at something.  Instead of ignoring your problems, you’ll be able to work on them and ensure they don’t cause you trouble later. You’ll also be able to better assess when it’s time to try something new if your old ways aren’t working anymore.

Trusting yourself will improve your productivity

You won’t get very far in your career if you constantly doubt your abilities. For example, perhaps you’d like to own your own business: it’s never easy to start a business, but it’s near impossible if you don’t trust yourself.

The best entrepreneurs start their businesses after doing plenty of research and having faith in the worthiness of their dreams. They might feel fearful about the future, or they might be absolutely ready to power ahead, but what do they all have in common? They all feel near certain that they’ll be able to reach their goals.

If you’re planning on starting the journey of entrepreneurship, your first step needs to be trusting yourself. It’s okay to be nervous, but it’s important that you believe that you’re making the right decision and that you deserve success.

Trusting your abilities will lead to higher confidence

If you learn to trust yourself, you’ll naturally feel more confident, especially over time. Confidence is one of the best ways to ensure career development, and when you look at all the opportunities that require high levels of confidence, it’s easy to see why this trait is important.  Leadership roles require, above anything else, the ability to be confident in yourself and trust that you’re making the right decisions at the right time.

High levels of confidence will also open doors you didn’t even know existed. Being able to communicate well with people, which often comes easily as a side effect of increased levels of confidence, will make them want to work with you.  Meanwhile, the ability to comfortably say no, a skill that many people lack, will mean you don’t end up with tasks you don’t want.

Build your confidence and try to live outside your comfort zone as much as possible. If, for example, you can attend conferences or networking events solo, you’ll be able to expand your social and business networks; although it may feel nerve-wracking walking into an event alone, you’ll benefit hugely from being able to socialise with new people in your field.

Trusting your judgement will help you move forward from mistakes

Plenty of people are knocked down by mistakes, and many decide to stay down and quit rather than learn and move on. Don’t be one of these people! Whether you’re learning how to play an instrument or taking a crucial test, trusting yourself makes it less likely that you’ll let a mistake force you to give up.

If you make a mistake that affects your personal career, it’s important to accept it, analyse how you can do better next time, and move on. Trusting that you can do better and that a mistake won’t be the end of you, will help you greatly in your career and personal life. Believe in yourself and your mistakes will be nothing more than blips on the radar of your journey.

If you make a mistake that wrongs another person, you must trust your judgement and the interpersonal skills that you have learned and try your best to make things right.  Genuinely apologise for what you have done, and offer to do something to make up for what you did.  If the person does not wish to forgive you or accept your offers of help, graciously leave them alone to continue with their lives, and determine not to make similar mistakes again.

Trusting yourself will simply make your life easier

Not everything in life is going to go your way, but trusting that you’ll be able to handle problems will help you to worry less. Life’s just easier when you don’t feel like everyone, including yourself, is out to get you. You don’t need to believe that your actions are always correct - in fact, you should always be willing to admit when you’re wrong - but you should stay positive in difficult times and trust that everything will work out.

Trust in your abilities, and you’ll be able to take yourself on an exciting journey: whether you achieve your goals on time or whether it takes you a little longer, the important thing is that you believe that you’ll get there in the end.

Allison Hail


It took Allison a lot of courage and trust in herself to finally switch from corporate to freelance work – but she now knows it’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Follow Allison on Tumblr to see more of her published work.