Why You Should Hire A Federal Resume Writer

Nothing sounds more fun than coming home from a long day at work to search for a new job, work on your resume, and fill out job applications.

Disagree? I’d be concerned if you didn’t.

The modern job search is frustrating, time-consuming, and often discouraging. If you’ve been toying with the idea of looking for a job with a government agency, you’ll need all the help you can get. Most federal job seekers struggle to get past the first step in the hiring process: the job application. Why? The federal hiring process is different.

Applying with the same resume you use to apply for every other corporate job is stopping you in your tracks. I can just hear you now: “But I’ve done my research, applied all the tips I’ve found online, and I think my resume is great!” Most of the resume writing tips you’re finding online are helpful for getting through a non-government hiring process.

Maybe it’s time to consider reaching out to a professional. Let me explain the top benefits to hiring a Federal Resume Writer.

Why You Should Hire A Federal Resume Writer | Resume Tips from Off The Clock Resumes

We Know That The Federal Hiring Process Is Different

Federal Resume Writers understand that the government has strict requirements for hiring due to its demanding responsibility to this country. Unlike most corporate jobs, you will not be considered for a federal job if you do not meet the minimal requirements indicated in the job announcement.

Also unlike the corporate job search, the top priority for your federal resume shouldn’t be passing Applicant Tracking software. Your resume will be read by HR Specialists working for the agency you apply for, and Federal Resume Writers know how to present your background in a compliant and easy to read way that HR Specialists love.

We Know How To Pass 100-Point Test

While they’re fresh on your mind, you should know that Federal Resume Writers know exactly what HR Specialists are looking for when they read your federal resume. These HR Specialists will put your federal resume to a 100-point test, and you must get more than 90 points to be considered “Best Qualified and Referred” and have your resume referred to the Hiring Authority for interview selection.

While you are considered “Qualified” with only 70 points or more, your federal resume will not be referred to the Hiring Authority unless the “Best Qualified and Referred” candidates don’t fit the bill. One of them likely will, though. Federal Resume Writers will help you pass this critically important test.

We Translate Your Military Terminology

The US Government often gives hiring preference to Veterans and Military Spouses, so Federal Resume Writers know how to handle military experience on a federal resume. It’s important to translate military terminology into civilian language since your federal resume will first be read by HR Specialists who likely don’t have the same level of military competence as you. If the HR Specialist reading your resume can’t decipher whether or not your military experiences meet the minimal requirements for the job, you may not move forward in the hiring process.

If you have been in the military for a while, it may be challenging for you to see your experience through civilian eyes. Federal Resume Writers often start off writing Military Transition Resumes for Veterans seeking employment in the private sector, and we have access to resources designed just for resume writers translating military jargon.

We Glean The Right Details From Your Work History

It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting a federal job or a private sector job. If you have more than 20 years of work history, you will find it difficult to narrow down and only highlight the most relevant details from your work history. While you have more flexibility on a federal resume to elaborate on your background (The most successful federal resumes are 3-5+ pages long.), you still need to make sure that the experience you describe relates to the KSAs listed in the job announcement.

Federal Resume Writers primarily focus on meeting the minimal requirements and demonstrating that you have the required Specialized Experience and KSAs. We also know that HR Specialists will weigh the relevant from the last 10-15 years heavier than older experience. We know how to glean the right details from your work history and present you as the best fit for the job.

We Are Expert Storytellers

A resume is more than a list of skills and companies you’ve worked for; it’s your unique story. Federal Resume Writers are storytellers by trade. Our job is to get to know you, understand your career goals, and connect the dots between your experiences and the job requirements. We know what questions to ask and how to present your answers in a way that HR Specialists and Hiring Authorities respond the best to.

Federal resumes should be more detailed than corporate resumes. To demonstrate that you have the Specialized Experience and KSAs they’re looking for, Federal Resume Writers tell little stories throughout your federal resume that answer:

  • How did you demonstrate this skill?

  • What resulted, or what did your efforts achieve?

  • Why was this necessary?

  • Who was impacted by your efforts?

We Take A Time-consuming Task Off Your Shoulders

If you thought the modern job search was frustrating, time-consuming, and discouraging before, then the federal job search might make your head explode. Writing your first federal resume will be time-consuming. Once you have your first federal resume created and you learn how to target your federal resume for each job announcement you want to apply for, it gets easier.

Federal Resume Writers take this time-consuming task off your shoulders and do the bulk of the work. Yes, you’ll need to provide information by filling out worksheets or by discussing your background over the phone; but consider the trade-off.

Would you rather spend a few hours providing information to an expert in federal resume writing?

Or spend several hours over the course of several days thinking, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and guessing whether or not your federal resume will be ranked “Best Qualified and Referred?”

Yes, federal resume services are an investment. If you’re not prepared to make that investment right now, sign up to Fix Your Resume with this FREE mini-course…

Spend some time learning more about the federal hiring process and what federal resumes need to be considered "Best Qualified and Referred."