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 Discover which career was meant for you with April Klimkeiwicz, Career Coach with bliss evolution!

Bliss Evolution, Career Coaching

1-hour Coaching Session, $195

Let’s look at how your personality style, values, interests, skills, and strengths all interplay to determine which career makes sense for you during 1-hour Skype coaching sessions.

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April Klimkiewicz is Off The Clock Resumes' preferred Career Coach.

April Klimkiewicz, Career Coach

April guides and teaches people who have career questions from, "How do I figure out what I want to do for a career?" to, "How do I negotiate salary?" and everything in between. April has been coaching since 2004 and offers expert career advice for complicated situations.

April's passion is in helping people navigate their career questions to get to a place where they trust themselves to make informed career decisions.

April holds a master's degree in the field of Counseling Psychology from Boston College. She has worked at MIT, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, UH-Downtown, and NSU before founding bliss evolution in 2015. She has worked with people all over the country: Honolulu, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Cincinnati, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Wilmington, Miami, and many other cities across the country. She has also worked with people navigating the western business culture in Europe and Asia.

April loves the energy of live presentations, traveling the world, yoga, & celebrating success with those she works with! 

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Janelle A. Review
April, you saw the potential in me in the times when I couldn’t see it in myself. Somehow, you knew things would be okay before I did. For that, I could not ever thank you enough. You have a gift + a talent that not many people have...
— Janelle A.
I would not be the professional I am today without her support and overall genuine concern for my well being. Before meeting April, I felt like a ship captain without a compass... April opened my eyes to Career Development.
— Emilio L.
Emilio L. Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you assist clients who want to choose a career or change careers?

Typically, we start with a values discussion which will ground the rest of our work together and help us determine fit for past, current, and potential future career environments. Additionally, we can explore:

  • Use of career assessments
  • Your strengths, personality, and interests
  • Ways of researching and learning more about potential career areas of interest
  • Support and problem solving during implementation of your career development plan

Can I send email to you between telephone or Skype coaching sessions?

Yes. I am happy to read anything you send via email and respond promptly or discuss it with you further during our next meeting.

What happens if I schedule a meeting with you and then I need to reschedule or cancel?

No problem! Just click the calendar link you were provided when you signed up to manage your meetings with me. Please give me 24 hours advance notice so another client can utilize the open spot.

Do you work with clients seeking employment outside the U.S.?

My primary expertise is U.S. specific. If your goals require knowledge of another country’s employment norms and culture, please inquire about services, and together we will determine if my expertise will be beneficial for you.