The Do-It-Yourself Resume, Mid-career Edition

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The Do-it-yourself Resume, Mid-career Edition.jpg

The Do-It-Yourself Resume, Mid-career Edition

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Save $15 when you purchase The DIY Resume for mid-career professionals which includes the Modern Resume Template, Skills Inventory, Branding Statement Cheat Sheet, and Resume Targeting Checklist.


The DIY Resume downloads as a .zip file. To open the Bundle, right-click (or press and hold) it and select "Extract All." Follow the instructions to select a location for the files.

The Modern Resume Template was created for mid-career professionals! This design will help you master Applicant Tracking software used by most mid-size to large corporations.

The Skills Inventory serves as your Master Skills List and will help you craft targeted statements for the Experience section of your resume quickly and easily.

The Branding Statement Cheat Sheet will guide you step-by-step in creating a job-winning Branding Statement that introduces your qualifications, highlights your most relevant skills, and showcases the value you offer to employers.

The Resume Targeting Checklist shares the process used by Certified Professional Resume Writers to create highly targeted resumes that present you as the best fit for your ideal job.

Get your resume reviewed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer when you’re done, too!