Executive Resumes

Accelerate your job search with an executive resume that highlights your achievements, demonstrates your leadership strengths, and presents the value you offer to employers. A sharp, focused executive resume can catch the eye of a hiring manager and the attention of board members. 

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executive resume


A Certified Professional Resume Writer can help you if:

  • Your executive resume is more than four pages long and dense.
  • Your executive resume highlights your age rather than your qualifications.
  • Your executive resume does not demonstrate your success with measurable achievements.
  • Your executive resume does not focus on the financial results a Board of Directors values.


Starting from scratch? Many executive job seekers advance through multiple promotions or recruitment. If you haven't needed a resume until now and don't know where to begin, completing our Employment History Outline first will help position you for success!

- The Process -

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Step 1: Getting Started

Start by introducing yourself! Answer a few basic questions on a short Introduce Yourself form, upload your existing resume or complete the Employment History Outline, and schedule your phone consultation to get started.

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During your phone consultation, we will discuss your career goals and background in detail. Phone consultations can last up to 45-60 minutes, so please plan accordingly. Payment can be collected over the phone or online.

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sTEP 3: Developing Your first drafts

Once your payment is processed, I will start working on your first draft. Your first draft will be ready for review by email in five business days with details explaining the strategies applied to your new resume.

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sTEP 4: Working together On Revisions

You will have the opportunity to request any changes with a revised version sent by email in 48 hours for up to ten business days; revisions can be requested by email or phone call.

Your final documents will be sent after the Priority Revision Period if no revisions have been requested within that time; I will continue to work with you after the Priority Revision Period in honor of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with additional revisions completed and sent by email based on my availability.