Graphic Resume Design

In addition to designing modern resumes with conservative color, a custom Graphic Resume can be designed based on your target industry, career-level, and personal branding preferences.


Upgrade your resume project to receive a custom Graphic Resume with your final documents.

($49 Upgrade Fee)

When To (Not) Use A Graphic Resume

Applicant Tracking software can't read graphic resumes! Graphic resumes are typically saved as PDFs with large file sizes. Graphic resumes are also notorious for replacing valuable text (or keywords) with icons and images that software also can't read.

So, what is the benefit of a graphic resume?

Graphic resumes should complement a content-focused resume that is Applicant Tracking software-approved. Graphic resumes can boost the impression you leave on recruiters and HR professionals when:

  • You are in a creative field such as Graphic Design or Digital Marketing.
  • You will be attending job fairs and applying to jobs in-person.
  • You have little to no experience to talk about in your resume.
  • You are looking for a way to stand out at a job interview.