Lesson 4: Integrating Keywords

LESSON LENGTH: About 5 Minutes

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The most prominent keywords that you could integrate naturally into your LinkedIn profile are going to be your skills, so let's start by building a skills inventory.

Think about your job-related skills. What are the skills that are needed to complete your typical tasks?

Also, think about your transferrable skills. These are going to be skill sets that could apply to a wide range of careers, such as communication, relationship building, or even organization skills.

You should also consider your computer skills or your equipment skills. Hardware, software, and specific equipment that you use on a daily basis may require some skill to use. These are things you should add to your skills inventory as well.

Think about your management skills, especially if you're targeting management or leadership type roles. These could be staff training, strategic planning, or just overall staff supervision. These are skills that you should also integrate into that skills inventory if related your job target.

Start with Your Skills Section

Now that you've developed your skills inventory, let's start integrating those keywords into your LinkedIn profile. You can actually add up to 50 skills to your skills section alone, so that's the first step.

You should also make sure to order your top three skills appropriately because those are going to be the most visible on your profile.

Add Keywords to Your Summary Section

Next, add a "Specialties" paragraph to your Linkedin Summary section. You should pput this at the very bottom of your Summary section as to not draw too much attention to it but still add those keywords and ultimately boost your visibility in LinkedIn searches.

Add Keywords to Your Experience Section

Finally, add a brief "Related Skills" statement to each position you've listed under your Experience section. This will also help boost your visibility and Linkedin searches based on skill sets, and it'll be more discreet if you list only five to eight skills under each position that you've held.

How To Add Skills To Your LinkedIn Profile

You can add skills to your LinkedIn profile by following these steps:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Scroll down to your Skills section
  3. Click “Add a new skill”
  4. Add skills from your skills inventory then click "Save."

To order and arrange your top three skills:

  1. Clck on the pencil icon.
  2. Click and drag the horizontal bars next to each skill.
  3. Then click “Save.”
Add 10 job-related skills, 5 transferrable skills, and 5 software or apps to a Specialties paragraph in your Summary section and your Skills section.

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