Lesson 14: Connecting With Recruiters

LESSON LENGTH: About 5 Minutes

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Job seekers can find working with recruiters to be very advantageous; and this lesson is going to be talking about how to connect with those recruiters on LinkedIn. I'm also going to show you one of LinkedIn’s most underutilized tools that will actually help you very discretely connect with those recruiters.

Connecting With Recruiters

Recruiters can be great job search partners. They have a lot of connections, and they have a lot of tools online and offline that can help connect you to the type of job that you're looking for.

One of the things that you should keep in mind with recruiters on LinkedIn is that they're using LinkedIn specifically to find the best recruit for the job opening that they are trying to fill. What this means is when you reach out to a recruiter, you're not saying, “Here's my background. Now, find me a job.” What you're saying is, “Here's my background; here are my qualifications. Let me know if you find something that I would be a great fit for me.”

That is how that relationship develops and essentially connects you to the type of job that you're looking for.

How To Connect With Recruiters

There are two great ways to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn. The first is by using LinkedIn Search to search for recruiters in your industry, send them Connection Requests, develop a relationship, and essentially partner with them to fill a job posting that they're looking to fill with a candidate just like you.

The second way, and probably one of the most underutilized LinkedIn tools for job seekers, is called Open Candidate. Open Candidate is a beacon that will alert recruiters that you are actively searching for a new job. It will show recruiters what type of jobs you're looking for and also some of your skill sets.

How To Adjust Your Open Candidate Settings

Now, the great thing about Open Candidate is it's discrete. The only people who will be aware that you are looking for a job are those recruiters that are using LinkedIn specifically to search for and source candidates just like you. In other words, you can actively let recruiters now that you're looking for a job without letting anyone else know including your employer, employees at your company that you're connected to, or any of your colleagues.

To access your Open Candidate settings from the desktop view:

  1. Click on the Jobs tab in the main menu.
  2. Scroll down to Jobs You May Be Interested In and click “Update Career Interests.”
  3. Indicate which job titles you're considering, the locations you'd be interested in working at, what types of jobs you're open to, and your company preferences such as industries and also the company sizes you'd like to work for.
  4. Click the toggle to turn on your Open Candidate settings.

You can also send recruiters a personal note under 300 characters that gives them more insight into the types of jobs you're open to.

You can also become an Open Candidate from the LinkedIn mobile app:

  1. Clicking on the briefcase icon in the main menu to open the Jobs tab.
  2. Click on the pencil icon to open your Career Interests and add the job titles, locations, and types of jobs you're considering.
  3. Click on the toggle to turn on your Open Candidate settings.
  4. You can also write a personalized note to recruiters from the mobile app as well, then click “Save.”

Since you are using LinkedIn to actively search for and find your ideal job, this lesson’s Action Task is to adjust your Open Candidate settings to let recruiters know that you are actively on the hunt for a new job.

Adjust your “Open Candidate” settings to inform recruiters that you are actively looking for a job.

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