Lesson 11: Engaging With Your Ideal Employers

LESSON LENGTH: About 8 Minutes

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In this lesson, we're going to start talking about how to engage with employers on LinkedIn. When I say “employers,” I'm talking about the companies themselves.

The best way to do this is to search for and follow Company Pages. Company Pages are often managed by recruiting and staffing teams, so this is a great way to get your foot in the door and get your name known to potential employers before you even apply for jobs.

Identifying your Ideal Employers

First, you need to determine who your ideal employers are. Some of the factors you need to keep in mind when creating a list of ideal employers include:

  • the company location
  • the company size
  • the company culture

These are all details you can easily find online and most job seekers start learning about an organization by the job postings that they find; this is a perfectly good place to start.

Often, your job search is going to be more focused on the position than the company; but as you're looking through job openings on job boards such as ZipRecruiter or even on LinkedIn, you should be looking for the details within that job posting that speaks specifically about that company.

Once you have a little bit of information about the company (such as their location and their size) and you know this is definitely a company you're interested in, you can find out more about the company's culture by looking at both their company website and social media presence. I always recommend starting with Facebook and even looking to Instagram. A lot of companies are starting to post more about their company culture on Instagram such as behind the scenes, employee features, different articles, and similar posts; so those are things you should be looking at while you're building your list of ideal employers.

Searching For, Following, + Engaging with Employers

Once you have your list of ideal employers, it's time to search for, follow, and engage with their Company Pages on LinkedIn. When I say “Engaging with their Company Pages,” I'm talking about liking and commenting on the company updates that they post. These are things that you'll be able to see within your News Feed once you've followed that Company Page.

Here's how you're going to search for, follow, and engage with your ideal employers on LinkedIn. First, we're going to assume that “Amazon” is one of your ideal employers; so we're going to look first and foremost for their Company Page on LinkedIn. Within the search bar, you're going to search for “Amazon” and you'll see that the Company Page shows up in the drop-down menu of instant search results. You can either click here and access that Company Page directly; or if you have a broader company name and you need to find a specific page, you'll click “Enter” and get to the main results page.

When you do that, it's going to show people who work at Amazon, available jobs at Amazon, etc. We're looking for the Company Page. To narrow our search, we're going to click on “Companies” in this bar (this menu underneath the main menu). At this point, we now see “Amazon” as the number one search result. You'll notice “Amazon” has several secondary pages for different divisions or departments within their company, so you can either follow the specific Company Page here or click on it to explore the Company Page.

The home page (the first thing you're going to see when you click on a Company Page) is their Overview. You’re going to see the company’s name, industry, headquarters, and their number of followers. You're also going to see another button to follow them and a button to see the job postings that they have listed on LinkedIn.

What we're going to do is scroll down and just look at a couple areas here. In the Overview, which covers information about the company, you’ll have easy access to their recent updates as well as a stock snapshot.

Let's scroll down a little bit more. When you click “See More” under “About Us,” you'll find some company details that you can cross-reference between your list of ideal employers based on location and company size. This is a great way to just double-check that this is definitely a company that fits within your ideal company qualifications.

You can either click here to access the recent updates, or if you scroll down you'll find them at the bottom of the Company Page as well. You'll see another Follow button because they want you to follow their company, engage with their posts, get to know the company more, and apply for their jobs. That is their goal; and by “They,” I’m referring to whoever is managing this Company Page. You're either talking about a staffing and recruiting team or a social media team that does have their influence in staffing and recruiting.

When we're talking about engaging with the Company Page, we're talking about these specific posts: the posts that share information about the company, their values, and about what's happening within the company itself. You can already see that there are a lot of engaged followers right now based on the fact that there’s 473 likes and 10 comments here on this one post. When we look at some of the comments, they're basically going to be reinforcing the conversation that Amazon is trying to start; while these people may not necessarily be looking for a job at Amazon, their names are going to stand out and be more recognizable than someone who applies to a job at Amazon who's never interacted with this company. Again, this is a great way to get your foot in the door to get your name known and start interacting with potential employers.

You can simply like the post, comment on it and contribute to this conversation that's going on, or share it to your News Feed and with your 1st Connections or network. This is something you should be able to do within a few minutes every day, and the best thing you can do is follow the page so that these recent updates appear immediately within your News Feed as they're posted.

Again, the goal is to engage with these employers, to start getting familiar with their values and passions, and establish yourself as someone who would align with what they're looking for in an employee.

You can also follow Company Pages using the LinkedIn mobile app:

  1. Search for the company name in the LinkedIn search bar.
  2. Click on “Companies” to narrow your search.
  3. You can either click on the three vertical dots next to the Company Page name in order to follow the company and see the available job openings, or you can click on the company name to open the Company Page.
  4. Follow the Page and view the available jobs.

Your Action Task for this lesson is to find and follow five Company Pages on LinkedIn.

Find and follow (5) Company Pages on LinkedIn.

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