Lesson 7: Joining Groups

LESSON LENGTH: About 5 Minutes

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LinkedIn Groups are private communities that attract members based on location, field or industry, organizational affiliation, as well as by interests.

Finding + Joining Groups

First, I recommend looking for LinkedIn Groups based on your location. The most popular will be specific groups that are dedicated to job postings in your area.

I also recommend looking for groups within your field and industry - now this could be as broad as a leadership-related group or it could be as specific as a group specifically for HR professionals, marketing professionals, accounting professionals, and so on.

I also recommend looking for groups based on organizational affiliation. These can be alumni groups for a college or trade school that you attended. These could also be specific employer groups. If you work for a larger organization or a larger company, they may have a LinkedIn Group just for their employees. This is another great way to network with people you may already know and expand your 2nd Connections and, ultimately, your network. You can also look for groups based on your affiliation with specific professional organizations that are related to your industry. For example, there are several HR-related organizations that HR professionals are members of.

Sending Requests to Join Groups

LinkedIn Group Etiquette Tip #1: A lot of groups are “closed,” meaning that an administrator must accept your request to join a specific group. If this is the case, keep in mind that many LinkedIn users log in less than once a week. If it's been over a week since you've sent your request to join, there's absolutely nothing wrong with doing a little research, finding and connecting with that group administrator, and following up to ask why you haven't been accepted yet.

Remind the administrator that you have a pending group request or express your general interest in joining the group, networking, and building your network by adding value to this group and connecting with group members.

Starting + Engaging in Group Conversations

LinkedIn Group Etiquette Tip #2: Once you are accepted into that group, it's important that you engage with the posts and the conversations that are initiated within that group. This simply means commenting on posts to answer questions, ask questions regarding the posts that were published, or just express your desire to network with other members within that group. This may seem a little assertive, but this is something you should be working up to.

Remember, LinkedIn is a networking platform. You should be engaging others, starting conversations, sustaining conversations, and developing relationships with the people that you're meeting within the platform and especially within LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Groups are essentially private communities for like-minded professionals, so this will be an easy way for you to start developing relationships with people within your location, your organization, and your field or industry.

Conversations to Avoid

Finally, LinkedIn Group Etiquette Tip #3: Keep your posts and comments professional. Avoid bringing up or contributing to controversial subjects, such as political or religious views. This is something you already know is best left out of the workplace, and these are conversations that are also best left off of LinkedIn.

How to Find Groups on LinkedIn

To find and join LinkedIn Groups from the desktop view:

  1. Click on the “Work” menu.
  2. Click on “Groups.”
  3. You can find new groups to join by clicking “Discover” and exploring the groups that other LinkedIn users that you are connected to are affiliated with.
  4. You can also discover new groups to join by using the LinkedIn search feature to search for groups within your location, your industry, or even your company.

Now that you've seen how to search for and send requests to join specific groups on LinkedIn, it's your turn. This lesson’s Action Task is to search for and send requests to join five different LinkedIn Groups.

Search for and join (5) groups starting with alumni groups, employer groups, and industry-related groups.

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