Lesson 16: Before + After Interviews

LESSON LENGTH: About 3 Minutes

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We are wrapping up Module 4 and LinkedIn WORKS! Coaching Program by talking about a very simple and effective job search strategy that most job seekers skip and that's using LinkedIn to both prepare for an upcoming interview and also follow-up after that interview.

Preparing For An Interview

Once you have an interview scheduled for your ideal job, it's best to go in prepared; and you can use LinkedIn to help you prepare for that interview. Some of the things you should do to prepare for an interview include researching the company, identifying what the company values are, making sure they align with yours, of course, and also getting up to date with what's new with the company.

LinkedIn is a great tool to look into some of this information by following the Company Page and reviewing the information that they provide on LinkedIn.

Following Up With Your Interviewer

Once you've had an interview, you can use LinkedIn to find connect with and follow up with your interviewer. You can search for your interviewer by name within this LinkedIn Search bar and then send them a Personalized Invite thanking them for their time, asking them to connect, and then provoking some sort of response.

A few examples of this may be asking them to endorse a few of your skills on your profile or asking them for some candid feedback specifically on your interviewing skills. It's a bold move but definitely worth doing if it does encourage a conversation to continue between you and your interviewer. It'll also show you taking the extra step to stand out from the other candidates who just didn't follow up after the interview.

Interview Follow-up Example

Once you've found your interviewers profile on LinkedIn, click the “Connect” button and click “Add A Note” to send a Personalized Invite. Remember to address your interviewer by name, thank them again for their time interviewing you either the day before or that day, reassure them that you are excited for the position, and then ask them to connect with you and either give you some honest feedback about your interviewing skills or endorse a few of your skills on your profile. Proofread your Personalized Invite and then click “Send Invitation.”

Since you may not have secured an interview yet, I’m not going to give you an Action Task for this specific lesson. I am, however, going to share a bonus tip. When following up with an interviewer, view his or her profile and endorse his or her skill in interviewing. It’s that one extra step that a lot of candidates are not going to take especially when following up with an interviewer on LinkedIn.

Find your interviewer's profile on LinkedIn, send a Personalized Invite to connect, and endorse his or her skill in interviewing to stand out.

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