Navigating Lessons

On each lesson page, you will find a Progress Bar that will help you keep track of where you are at in the program.

Each module is represented by an icon: the LinkedIn logo for Module 1 (Optimizing Your Profile), the community icon for Module 2 (Growing Your Network), the conversation icon for Module 3 (Leveraging Your Network), and the handshake icon for Module 4 (Landing A Job With LinkedIn).


Each small grey or colored dot represents a lesson. When you are working on Lesson 3 in the first module, you will see three blue dots on the Progress Bar.

Lesson Materials

You can review the lesson material by:

  • Watching the video (with LinkedIn demonstrations),

  • Reading the text by clicking on "+ Skip The Video & Read The Lesson" beneath each video, or

  • Downloading the lesson highlights to review offline


Action Tasks

Each lesson comes with an Action Task (or multiple Action Tasks). Each Action Task is critically important to your success in this coaching program.

Action Tasks.PNG

Q&A Coaching Calls

When you come across a topic that you'd like to explore in-depth, you can schedule a 30-minute Q&A Coaching Call with me.


Your Coaching Program includes:

  • Full Coaching Program: Four (4) 30-Minute Q&A Coaching Calls

  • Starter Program: One (1) 30-Minute Q&A Coaching Call

  • Starter Program with Module 3: Two (2) 30-Minute Q&A Coaching Calls

  • Starter Program with Modules 3 & 4: Four (4) 30-Minute Q&A Coaching Calls


You can purchase additional Q&A Coaching Calls from the Main Menu at any time.



You may be asked to complete an Assignment related to the lesson material to practice concepts before applying them to your LinkedIn profile. Assignments will be saved and potentially referenced during Q&A Coaching Calls.


You can also have your Assignments sent to your email address.

Group Discussions

Within each lesson, you can join a group discussion with others in the LinkedIn WORKS! Coaching Program. This is a safe space to ask questions, exchange ideas, and share victories (as little as they may seem).

Group Discussion.PNG

As with any forum, you are expected to keep conversations clean and respectful. You are also expected to keep your comments relevant to the lesson.

Comments that contain job postings, links to other websites, or promotional content of any sort will be deleted by the moderator (That's me.). Any comments containing profanity, inappropriate, or irrelevant content will also be deleted at my discretion.


Why should you use the group discussion when you could just schedule a Q&A Coaching Call?

If you just have a quick question, save your Q&A Coaching Calls for more detailed or personal discussions. Other LinkedIn users that are enrolled in this coaching program may have the answer!