Lesson 6: Sending Personalized Invites

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So what is a Personalized Invite?

It's a customized message that you send with a Connection Request. They're very valuable because they give context to your Connection Requests, and they're also the first step in developing a relationship with someone on LinkedIn.

Sending Personalized Invites

When sending a Connection Request to somebody you already know well, a Personalized Invite may not be very necessary (for example, a family member or a close friend). However, if you're sending a Connection Request to somebody you just met or are not as acquainted with, I highly recommend sending a Personalized Invite that addresses their name, mentions your relationship or where you met, and also asks them to connect with you and stay in touch.

What if I’ve Never Met This Person?

If you're going to use LinkedIn as a networking tool and a potential source of referrals, you will need to send some Connection Requests to people you've never met in person. This may seem intimidating, but by sending a Personalized Invite you'll be adding context to your Connection Request. Again, I highly recommend addressing the person by name and mentioning how you heard of this person - this can either be a referral from mutual acquaintence or you may have seen a post or an article that his person put online. These are great icebreakers to integrate into your Personalized Invite. Remember to ask them to connect with you and integrate a personal question based on how you heard of this person to promote a response.

Tips for Sending Personalized Invites

Before I show you how to send a Personalized Invite, there are a couple things you need to be aware of. First, Personalized Invites are limited to 300 characters. This means you need to keep it short and sweet. I still highly recommend addressing the person by name, adding context as to why you're sending the Connection Request, asking them to connect with you, and signing off with your name within 300 characters. Embrace the challenge, it can happen.

LinkedIn sometimes has some issues with their Connect buttons, so I highly recommend going directly to the user’s profile before you click “Connect.” In other areas of LinkedIn, you can click a Connect button and it may automatically send a Connection Request with no personalization to the user. This sometimes works; but if you're sending your Connection Request to someone you've never met, adding context to that Personalized Invite is very important.

How to Send a Personalized Invite

To send a Personalized Invite and connect with someone on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to his or her profile and click “Connect."
  2. Click “Add Note."
  3. Create a personal message that indicates how you know the person, why you are sending them a connection request or what value you offer to this particular LinkedIn user.
  4. Click "Send Invitation."

To send a Personalized Invite using the LinkedIn mobile app:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn user’s profile and click on the drop-down arrow next to the "Connect” button.
  2. Select “Personalized Invite.”
  3. Create a custom message that gives context to your Connection Request.
  4. Then, click “Send.”

Now that you know how to send Personalized Invites, it's your turn. Remember that list of valuable connections we recently made? This lesson’s Action Task is to log in and send Personalized Invites to each of those valuable connections.

Send Personalized Invites to each of the valuable Connections you identified in the previous lesson.

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