Our Process

Our unique process enables us to create highly-targeted, job-winning resumes.


Collect New Client Information

1. Introduce Yourself

We will ask you to briefly describe where you are at in your job search and upload your most recent resume. This step takes just a few minutes. If you would like us to target your resume for a specific job, we will also ask you to identify your job target (or better yet, direct us to the specific job posting).

Don't have a resume?

You will be directed to our Employment History Outline where you can provide the basic information we will need to create a resume from scratch. This can take anywhere from 30-60+ minutes (depending on your years of experience), but you will be able to save your answers and finish it later.


Analyze Your Job Target and Background Information

2. we analyze Your Job Target

If we are creating a highly-targeted resume for you, your Certified Professional Resume Writer will analyze your job target and review your resume (or Employment History Outline).

We will identify the top qualifications and skills desired for that role (or indicated in the job posting), and request additional information needed from you shortly after.


- the next step is your choice -


Complete our Targeted Resume Questionnaire

3. Complete our Resume Questionnaire

If your job target's Closing Date is fast approaching, we recommend completing our Refreshed or Targeted Resume Questionnaire which we will send once we analyze your job target.

Our Targeted Resume Questionnaire will challenge you to identify and describe examples in your work history that support the top qualifications and skills desired for your job target.

This step is critical for our process to be effective. Answering any question with "See Resume" will be unacceptable.

This step can take 30-60+ minutes (depending on your years of experience), but you will also be able to save these answers and finish later.


4. Pay Online

At the end of the Resume Questionnaire, you will be prompted to purchase the services you want.

Once your payment has processed and we receive a fully completed Resume Questionnaire, we will get started.


Schedule A Phone Consultation

3. Discuss Your Background During A Phone Consultation

If you are not in a hurry and are a more effective verbal communicator, you can also schedule a phone consultation to discuss your background in more detail with your Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Phone consultations can last up to 45-60 minutes (depending on your years of experience).

Keep in mind that our availability can still be limited during our regular Office Hours.

You can always complete our Refreshed or Targeted Resume Questionnaire and schedule a 15 or 30-minute call with your Certified Professional Resume Writer after to ask any specific questions or discuss any concerns.

Phone consultations are required for Executive Resumes.


4. Pay by Phone or Online

At the end of the phone consultation, you will able to purchase the services you want over the phone or we can direct you to our secure payment page.

Once your payment has processed, we will get started.


Develop and Send First Drafts

5. we Develop + Send your First Draft

The resume writing and development process can vary for each of our Certified Professional Resume Writers. We are firmly united in our goals to develop a digital resume that presents you to employers in the most advantageous way.

Our first priority is to first create a document that will pass through Applicant Tracking software and into the hands of a decision-maker. We then focus on creating results-oriented content that is engaging to read and tells your unique story.

You will receive your first draft by email in two business days.


Collaborate on Revisions

6. Collaborate On Revisions

This interactive process continues into a Priority Revision Period. Any revisions you request for the first five business days after receiving your first draft (ten business days for Executive Resumes) will be address and a revised resume will be ready for review within the next business day (within 48 hours for Executive Resumes).

We will continue to work with you on revisions after the Priority Revision Period until you are 100% satisfied with your resume, but we cannot guarantee timeliness. Any revisions requested after the Priority Revision Period will be addressed and a revised resume will be ready for review depending on your Certified Professional Resume Writer's availability.

We are often working with more than one client at a time, so this ensures that each new client receives equal attention from his or her Certified Professional Resume Writer.


Create and Send Final Documents

7. we Create + Send your Final Documents

Once you are satisfied with your resume content or if you have not provided any feedback during the Priority Revision Period, we will create and send your final documents. Your final resume will be provided in multiple file types: a Microsoft Word document, a PDF, and a Plain Text file.

If you purchased a targeted cover letter with your resume, you will also receive a letter and e-cover version of your cover letter with your final documents.

We will also include details on when to use each file type.


Start on any Additional Services

8. we Start On Any Additional Services

Once your final documents have been delivered by email, we will get started on any additional services you have purchased such as myBio Package or LinkedIn Plus.

If you purchase LinkedIn Plus, we will send you our LinkedIn Plus Questionnaire. You will be able to expand on any work experiences, volunteer experiences, projects, or publications that were not included on your resume.

You can always purchase additional services through our Client Portal.


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