Resume Services

Get through the Applicant Tracking software “black hole” and stand out for the right reasons with a modern resume that presents your background and skills in the most advantageous way.

Steph Cartwright, CPRW // Resume Services

You’re in the right place if…

  • You're hesitating to work on your resume because the right words just won't come,

  • You fear that your resume doesn’t present your value and skills as well as it should,

  • You're dreading sending mixed messages to employers because your resume lacks focus, or

  • You worry that you don’t have enough relevant or recent experience

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Targeted Resume Services

Let's present you as the best fit for the job you want...

Targeted Resume, $199+

I’ll modernize your resume's presentation, refresh your resume’s content, and optimize your resume with the keywords Applicant Tracking software will be looking for.

Pricing is based on your background and career goals.

The resume that is the best fit for you is a...

2 - Military.png

Targeted Military Transition Resume, $249

Best fit for military service members and veterans applying for jobs in the private sector.

Not in your budget right now?


Resume Targeting Coaching

Let me show you how to create a job-winning resume…

Resume Targeting Coaching, $179 per session

I’ll show you how to analyze a job posting and target your resume like a Certified Professional Resume Writer in a 60-minute video coaching session.

Refreshed ResumeServices

Let's update and refresh your outdated resume...

Refreshed Resume, $119

I’ll modernize your resume's presentation and refresh your resume's content to be more engaging to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process look like?

All new clients start with an Are We A Good Fit & Introduce Yourself form with a resume upload option on the website. The Introduce Yourself form will also give me a better idea of where you are at in your career and job search.

Depending on the service you're interested in, I may need more information from you before I can get started which will be collected with a Work History Examples Worksheet and a 30-minute Onboarding Call. Once I have all the information I need and payment collected, I'll get started on your first draft(s).

You can learn more about the specific process for the service you're interested in here...

Can I see some examples of resumes you've worked on?

Yes, but please keep in mind that these samples are best for previewing my resume design style only. A job-winning resume's content will be 100% unique to that job seeker's background, skills, and job target.

The resumes I design have clean, flat designs with minimal to no graphics. I take into consideration what is appropriate for the client's industry, the client's career level, and the client's personal branding preferences.

Looking for something more bold? A custom Graphic Resume can be designed for you and delivered with your final documents for a $99 upgrade fee.

Applicant Tracking software can't read graphic resumes, so creating a content-focused resume should be the top priority when you're applying to jobs online. Graphic resumes can, however, boost the impression you leave on recruiters and HR professionals when:

  • You are in a creative field such as Graphic Design or Digital Marketing.
  • You will be attending job fairs and applying to jobs in-person.
  • You are relying on your professional network to refer you to the “great fit” position.
  • You are looking for a way to stand out at a job interview.