Accelerate your job search with a federal resume targeted for your series number, level of experience, and ideal agency. Our Certified Professional Resume Writers create and enhance federal resumes in alignment with USAJobs application requirements. 


A Federal Resume Specialist can improve your resume if: 

  • Your federal resume has no focus and is used for every job application.
  • Your federal resume is less than five pages long.
  • Your federal resume does not adequately define your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs).
  • Your USAJobs profile is incomplete with blank fields.


Our Pricing




Step 1: Getting Started

New clients will upload their existing resume and schedule a phone consultation to get started with of our our Certified Professional Resume Writers and Federal Resume Specialist.


STEP 2: Developing Your first drafts

Once your payment is processed, your Certified Professional Resume Writer will starting working on a Ghost Draft requesting additional information regarding your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (information requested in a Questionnaire with your job announcement). You will receive the Ghost Draft in two business days, and your responsiveness to the Ghost Draft will be pertinent to the effectiveness of your federal resume.

Your resume writer will use the additional information you provide to develop a targeted federal resume that highlights your qualifications and aligns with the Questionnaire provided with your job announcement.

You will receive your first drafts by email in 8-10 business days with details explaining the strategies applied to your federal resume. First drafts may be sent in five business days with an additional rush fee.


sTEP 3: Working together On Revisions

You will have the opportunity to request any changes with a revised version sent by email in 48 hours for up to ten business days; revisions can be requested by email or phone call.

Your final documents will be sent after the Priority Revision Period if no revisions have been requested within that time; your resume writer will continue to work with you after the Priority Revision Period in honor of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with additional revisions completed and sent by email based on the availability of your resume writer.




gs 1-4 federal resumes

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gs 5-7 federal resumes

GS 6 Administrative Assistant: view resume


gs 9-11 federal resumes

GS 9 Education Services Facilitator: view resume


gs 12+ federal resumes

GS 12 Program Analyst Manager: view resume